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The transformation has begun...

Dave N

So my wife tried the new Velocity and fell in love with them. Good start, Got her a new driver Titleist of course and so it starts. All ready has a Scotty, now if we can get those Cobras out of the bag.

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  1. Dale V

    That's usually how it starts, a few clubs and then, before you know it, full Titleist set. Way to go!
  2. Speedy

    baby steps....
  3. Michael JC

    Dave N, definitely headed in the right direction! One club, one step at a time!!
  4. Greg L

    Good luck, I'm sure your wife will enjoy her TT journey!
  5. Len D

    Flowers and chocolates are nice for Valentines Day - but nothing beats a new set of irons and wedges. ;-)

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