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Mark Crossfield - YouTube

Chris B

Mark Crossfield is putting out some great Titleist content on YouTube. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Sam K

    Wish he didn't interrupt the folk's he interviews so much!
  2. Luke R

    Yes he is. Great content! It is a great watch...
  3. J.R. F

    Mark Crossfield is great entertainment and information. I enjoyed the stuff from TPI and his chat with Scotty Cameron the most.
  4. RKelly

    Probably the best youtuber for golf in fairness.
  5. Rooster

    Great to have some solid support across the pond.
  6. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    Chris, thanks for mentioning Mark. We're very excited to welcome him to the Titleist family!

    Post Image

    Mark visited our West Coast operations recently and in case you missed it, here are some links to the videos he made during his trip to Oceanside.

    Visit to Titleist HQ and the Titleist Performance Institute

    Reviewing Rickie Fowler's Kinematic Sequence with Dave Phillips

    Long Iron and Hybrid Fitting

    Inside Club Operations and Scotty Cameron Putter Fitting

    Mark Crossfield's Channels:





  7. Ryan M

    I've been following Mark for awhile, he always has great vids, and course vlogs are fun, and he tells it straight (doesn't fall for all the marketing hype, just facts).

  8. CWinn

    His video with a Titleist fitter at TPI working through all the different types of shots he hits with his current hybrid and looking at if/how they can increase the good and reduce or remove the bad shots is a must watch. It’s how all fittings should go.
  9. John M

    I've been enjoying Mark's videos for quite some time. I had a similar experience when I had my Titleist fitting.

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