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Quick Poll: What Titleist content would you like to see more of?

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hi, everyone.

We're back with another quick poll and this time we're asking for your feedback on the types of content that you're seeing on Titleist.com.

We're always hoping to improve the experience when you visit the website, join a conversation on Team Titleist or visit one of our social channels, but we need your insights to help guide our efforts.

So we're asking the question — what types of stories, conversations, videos or features would you like to see more of?

Vote for your favorites and please share any other ideas or suggestions you may have by adding your comments to the thread.

Thanks very much for your help!


52 Replies

  1. Barry B

    Would certainly like to see more features on club design, development and testing...right behind that would be Q&A's with tour players and Titleist product experts.
  2. Scott D

    All are good topics I like to read. Do enjoy the member spotlight features.
  3. David C

    Also what would be nice is to go on the website and be able to build a set of clubs how you want. I.E. type of irons(set, individual, or mixed) how ever you want. Be able to pick the type of grip you want including all the titleist ones. Any type of shaft and custom specs. After you get done with that type in where you live and print out a sheet with all that you want. At the bottom it would say where the shop is to order them. That would be the bees knee's!!!

  4. Speedy

    TT Spotlight (love the video versions) and 2nd behind the scene would be pretty cool..
  5. John M

    Thanks for asking!
    Post Image
  6. John M

    Thanks for asking!
    Post Image
  7. Michael O

    Why limit us to only one choice? All of the items listed would be great, also how about some Trivia Contest for some TT Prizes?
  8. Mark F

    Would have been nice to be able to vote for more than one choice. I voted for the instructional videos, articles and quick tips, but would also like the Q&A with the Tour Players and product experts.

    Mark F
  9. Todd T

    Members experience at TPI, advice from the experts there(see-fitting and bad advice or myths)
  10. Thomas K

    With all the talk about rolling back the distance capability of the modern ball, I'd like to read comments about how you would do such a thing that would not impact lower level players. I think there is a 'Gresham's Law' that relates to golf balls; the shorter ball, because of the demands that all very good players have to play that ball, will end most of the research that goes into the current ball.
  11. AWells

    Well as a Team Titleist member in all honesty towards this poll, I would like to see an "all the above" button added as the content and stories you publish on this website, are just brilliant and well done. I truly enjoy it all and would love to see more of it always.
  12. Dwayne N

    it's all good stuff as long as it it's Titleist
  13. Howard K

    Love to see more on FootJoy products, clothing jackets shirts etc. what’s available. I buy your products almost exclusively because of their quality and style. Like to know what’s available, what’s new etc. I’m not much on your clubs, because other than your driver I feel they’re only for single digit handicappers, but I do use your proVs. I admire Titleist because it isn’t fad driven but a strong reliable brand. I’m a png guy for clubs, Titleist for balls and clothes, and Adidas for shoes.
  14. george r

    I am more interested in tips about chipping.
  15. Harvey G

    Thank you for all of your informative emails, however would like more content on instructional videos.
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