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2019 Pro V / X A.I.M. Design


After touring BP III Friday, it got me thinking what would the next ball alignment markings will be for the 2019 Pro V / X. Hmmm, interested your thoughts!

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  1. John M

    Maybe a line under the script?
  2. Speedy

    ahhh, this is interesting and good to see ya CB! not sure what to think on this.. This will be an interesting thread...
  3. John B

    I really like the gray - it looked really sharp to me. Hope they go back to that color.
  4. vurich

    My Titleist buddies had a great discussion on this.
    We loved the grey separated.
    Not fans of the latest arrows on the new balls.
    I'd like to see a BOLD red line of some sort.
  5. JAM

    Great post. I would like to see a longer, wider, black A.I.M. line so I don't have to attempt to draw a straight line with my Sharpie.
  6. JAMES S

  7. CoolBreeze

    Great to hear from you! It was great to see a picture you and Thurber in the magazine at BPIII
  8. CoolBreeze

    I was trying to conjure up an evolutionary type line that would "make sense" with the previous generations of Pro V / X. I thought the 2017 was an aggressive marking and I liked it a lot. Not sure I am a fan of "dots". I am thinking it may not be a color stamping or an extended line. It may resemble the current aggressive arrows in a deconstructed manner. Hmmm... before you know it we will be seeing the prototype V / X taking over the TT Internet.
  9. JKannard

    Titleist never really does anything too crazy. I'd guess the tour staff would want it to be as simple as possible.

    I like the new arrows. But I guess it doesn't matter much since I use a tool to mark a line half way around the ball.
  10. LSalem

    Best putting ball (consistent feel) ever regardless of lines....I just wish we had a better understanding FROM TITLEIST as to how do all of the current tour balls AVX, V1, V1X, Tour Soft really compare to certain competitive offerings....and does it really matter if you swing 85mph or 110 mph as to which one you SHOULD play....many older weaker good players still have remarkable wedge and short games....GREAT COMPANY.....GREAT PRODUCTS?...

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