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What is everyone favorite podcast?


I am looking for some new podcasts and wondering what golf podcast does everyone listen to?

I am currently listening to:

- No Laying Up - On the Mark - Golf Unfiltered - Erik Lang Show

What are you currently listening to and why?

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  1. Rooster

    When I am driving around by myself. I listen to PGA channel on sirius. Always seems like there is some discussion going on that is entertaining. Really couldn't tell you which specific show. As far as podcast's can honestly say I have never listened to one. Maybe one day I will research them. I am probably missing out on some good stuff.
  2. vurich

    Lately, I have been a huge fan of podcasts.
    I haven't found any on golf.
    Listen to PGATour radio when driving, but would love to listen to golf podcasts when I do my morning walks.
    It's a shame to drive when it's in the 70's/80's out here in sunny AZ!
    Anyway, would love to listen to and or be involved in a daily Titleist podcast with ambassadors, amateurs and the like. I'm available!
  3. John M

    I have three I listen to every week. No Laying Up, Arseblog and the Enormocast. Wei under par is also good but she has been in Taiwan since November.
  4. Justinu3

    Really enjoy the NLU crew. Some of the interviews with big name pros really give a different view on some of them. Love the JT ones and Dufner.
  5. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    I also listen to No Laying Up, as well as Fore Play by Barstool Sports! It's great to see what podcasts TT is listening to and I look forward to hearing about others.

    Team Titleist Staff
  6. Tyler H

    Fore Play, NLU, Erik Lang and Golf Digest for me.
  7. Ryan M

    I listen to a lot of podcast but really no golf podcasts.

    But if I do. I listen to golfwrx radio, 2 guys talking golf.

    It's a good one focusing on club building, clubs, and other golf tech nerd stuff. There is a lot of PGA talk but I absolutely prefer listening to talks with Bob Vokey, Scotty, and other manufacturers in the industry as well.
  8. Mike H

    The fried egg is one I like besides the ones you mentioned.

    Also, the pga tour next wave and the clubhouse with Shane bacon are go tos as well. First cut with Kyle porter And the golf.com podcast are decent as well.
  9. David A

    "ForePlay" from Barstool is great for some laughs. I also am a fan of "No Laying Up". But for a different kind of golf podcast, "The Golfers Journal" podcast is becoming one of my favorites.
  10. Matt W

    Th fried egg podcast.
  11. MSilver

    David Feherty’s show on golf channel
    is available as a podcast which is something I enjoy listening to. Enjoy listening to many of the non-tour players interviews and discussions
  12. Chris B

    I really like Tour Junkies
  13. Greg D

    The Fried Egg. It's a great podcast about course architecture. It was really opened up my eyes and got me even more excited for golf. It has really changed the way I view the game.
  14. Weston G

    Have you checked out Playing Through?
  15. ADeLucia

    Fore play is pure gold! great entertainment as well as pretty informative most of the time
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