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There was a caddie being interviewed on ESPN and was asked about fan interactions and stuff like that. He just referred to what Bobby Jones said. See picture. I love it. I know it has to do with the Masters and after attending it last year, it was the most respectful tournament I've ever attended. I think every tournament should be like this. if you wanna get drunk and stupid, take it elsewhere. my 2 cents..

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  1. Barry B

    Should be posted on a very large sign at the front entrance of every tourney!!!
  2. Dale V

    Thanks Speedy. I properly applaud you for this post. :)
  3. John M

    Bobby Jones is the perfect example of what a gentleman and a golfer should be. My two cents-being a gentleman is not the result of birth, title or wealth, it's how one conducts oneself and how one treats others. Thank you for posting this.
  4. tony k

    AMEN !!!!!!!
  5. Michael JC

    Totally agree......
  6. Darryl M

    That's awesome, thanks for sharing that. I agree that's how it should be. respect the players & the game
  7. J.R. F

    I completely agree. I don't expect the players and patrons to go back to suits and ties but the drunken oafs, mashed potato people have got to go.
  8. Elson C

    I agree with it, unfortunately, in an effort to make Golf a mainstream sport, we lost a lot the etiquette.
  9. David A

    Great post Speedy! So true. Hearing morons yell out baba booey, mashed potatoes or get in the hole on a tee shot is ruining my golf watching experience. If someone yells out one of those phrases at a tournament, they should immediately get escorted off the premises...NO REFUND!
  10. Jerry M

    I am with you Speedy......and Mr. Jones as well. I attended the Masters (practice round) and everyone was very respectful of the players. Great experience.
  11. Tom J

    Speedy, you must NOT be involved in politics because your "2 cents" makes a whole lot sense!
  12. H Killefer

    Barry B

    Should be posted on a very large sign at the front entrance of every tourney!!!

    I second that proposal wholeheartedly!
  13. Rob_Roth1

    It's the american "barstool" culture you don't see these wacko's over on the European Tour or at the Open Championship
  14. Dave N

    So I will play the devils advocate on this. The society is different today (it's a me society now, it's all about me and I don't care about you) If the game is going to grow it has to morph into todays norm. Should we tell Rickie Fowler or John Daly to stop wearing loud outfits, it may attract the wrong crowd? It's about parents teaching their kids how to act and respect . I don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm not saying this is a good thing just bringing up a different point of view.
  15. Rick D

    I read an article last summer, the author's opinion was that the "in the hole" and other loud yelling out was not going to stop until other patrons started telling these people to shut up.

    So I was attending the LPGA tournament in Green Bay. Following the last groups coming in on Sunday. Suzanne Petterson in contention, but hits her tee shot on #16 into the woods. Going to 17 tee you can see the steam coming out of her ears, not a happy lady at that time. I'm standing alongside the tee box, not 10' away from her as she hits her tee shot, pulls into greenside bunker on the par 3 17th. Barely after contact, the guy standing next to me screams "Get in the hole". I saw her flinch in her follow-through, turned to him and told him to shut up. His kids look up at me like I was crazy. He says he's just having fun. I replied that I didn't think Suzanne thought it was fun. Other people looked at me with their mouths hanging open. More sheep afraid to say anything themselves, or maybe they think it's fun, too. The pros don't think it's fun. A lot of people like me don't think it's fun. Shut up already!
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