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Double Eagles!!!

Jim H

I just had the rarest of accomplishments, a double eagle (2 on Par 5).  Holed a 3 wood from 240 out.

Apparently the odds are somewhere around 1,000,000 to 1, far more rare than an Ace ( approx 13,000 to 1)


How many others have had the same good luck ?





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  1. Chris L



    never had a double eagle let along an ACE!

  2. zekecabincreek

    Way to go Jim.  I had one (sorta)...about 33 years ago...playing alone one evening.  Was playing two balls and just practicing.  Hit a 4 iron to a par 5 green...about 225 yards I guess...and then hit another ball just for the heck of it.  Got up to the green and there were a few golfing friends of mine who saw the look on my face as one of the balls was in the hole but leaning against the flagstick...the other was on the green about 10 feet away.  To this day, I have no idea whether it was the first ball or the 2nd ball that went in.  From then on, I ALWAYS mark the ball I use for a score when playing alone and playing more than one ball.  Two years ago I travelled back to that golf course and played it with a few of my old friends who still live in that area.  They remembered the "double eagle" but I still maintain that I am not sure if I actually had one.  Nice going!

  3. Tim Tiger

    I made one when I was 15 at my home course. Titleist persimmon driver and a 1 iron into the cup.  And it was even a tour balata ball.

    Still have not made a hole in one, YET!!!!!

  4. Adam T

    I have actually made 2 double eagles. My first one was from 215 yards out. My second one was my first hole in one on a par 4 from 289 yards out. Has anyone else made a hole in one on a par 4 too? 

  5. memphisunited

    Congrats.  That certainly is a great accomplishment.

  6. Hotsauce

    Congrats!  I had no idea what the odds are, but I knew they were staggering.  What an awesome feeling!

    I have never had the hole in one, but I have had the Double Eagle.  I posted about it in the hole in one section, but I'm always down to relive the memory!

    It was #16, the signature hole, for the Raven at Three Peaks in Silverthorne CO.  It's a long, downhill (WAY Downhill), par 5,  with a slight dogleg right.

    I hit a low drive that must have caught the fairway in just the right place.  It rolled forever and ended up about 250-260 yards away sitting up in the right rough.  I judged the distance to be about 230-240 because of a helping wind and the elevation change.  I hit my 909H 19* as pure as I could have, and I wasn't even sure it was going to get there.  I saw it bounce just in front of the green and then lost sight of it... 

    The group in front of us was just clearing, and as they were loading in carts they all stopped and started hollering and clapping.  According to them, it bounced twice in front of the green, and rolled toward the hole.  It looked like it was going to stop right next to it, and just sort of turned on the blinker and dropped in the side door.

    It was the best shot of my life, and even better, you don't have to buy everyone a round after a double eagle ;-) ... Although I did for the bartender, the group in front of us, and the foursome I was with.

    It was my last round in the mountains of Colorado, and I still remember it fondly!

  7. Ben K

    ive had 2 i had one this year on a 595 par 5 driver 3 wood and had one 3 years ago ace on a 397yrd par 4 really proud of that one

  8. Gregory C

    Made one on Sunday.  530 yards, Island Green.  #18 at River Pointe in Booth Texas.  2nd shot was from 220 out with a 3 Hybrid.

  9. Hunter P

    Congratz! that is an amazing accomplishment! Hope to get one in my lifetime!

  10. charles g

    got one a few years back @ Oak Quarry in riverside ca hole # 16 .  Played 556 yards, hit a bomb off the tee(330 ish) 230 yrds to the pin that was down hill , down wind and some firm ground in front . i choose a 7 iron (hit my 7 about 190) and caughts it nice and crisp , a little thin but enough to still get it up and catch the wind , took a huge ugly bounce and rolled forever. pin was in the very back and slowly rolled accross and draino. I was in my prime then shot a 69 that day . a good friend who is about as good as me put his shot about 7 feet for eagle right before i drained my albatross. ball was a titleist  tour prestige

    I have gotten close on many par 4's , the most memorable was a 331 yrd par 4 , i put it so close that you couldnt tell the ball from the hole it was hanging over the edge on a slightly crownd hole someone pulled the flag out with the cup in a bing and it made a nice crown for my ball to be denied. oh well thats why we keep playing to get that shot that youll never forget.

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