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what would you do ?


Today I played the worst golf you can imagine. I got really frustrated and the game just got worse and worse. what do you do to keep calm and play better after?

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  1. Chris M

    Remember that golf is only a game, and try to enjoy the company you keep, the great outdoors, and the fact that you're playing the game you love.  Then, get to a range and check your fundamentals.  When things go really south, usually it's via a bad grip, poor alignment, poor ball position, or a combination of all three.  Make sure your fundamentals are in order and try simply to hit some good solid pitch shots.  As your confidence returns, allow yourself to progressively get longer until you arrive at your full swing.  If in doubt, or if you are uncertain whether or not you have good fundamentals, do yourself a favor and have a Professional take a look.  Sometimes it simply takes the eye of a trained professional to get you back on track.  You can't see yourself (unless you have a camera), so it's always good to have someone you trust make sure things are in working order.

  2. Tony C

    When I start to play bad, the best thing I do is to not care. It might sound counter productive but it really works out, here is why. When you are mad, you become more tense and swing harder at the ball, usually throwing you off balance and therefore producing a way-ward shot. With a ho-hum attitude, you can recover from a series of bad holes by literally saying to yourself, out loud, "Oh well". By doing so, it will flush out all of the bad thoughts rushing through your head during play.

  3. John L

    just walk off the course. hahahahahah no im just kidding. relaxe. loosen up that grip. club up on every shot and shorten your back swing. once you start hitting the ball better go back to your natural club selection and swing full agine.  dont swing the driver if you having a bad day. pull out the old trusty 3 metal. shorter and straighter is better than long and wrong.  dont focus on perfect shots if your having a bad round focuse on trying to get a shot you like to see and if its long or short what ever as long as it felt good off the club face. chalk this round up to blown and remember there always tomarrow and the driving range.

  4. NavyLD12

    I feel you pain I played Monday at a local Military course and after the 3rd hole the pace was so slow I just couldnt think and stop caring and shot 83. So I know it was just the day and I am back at it today and hitting it well.

  5. AP1

    I heard the following once and it has always stuck with me and it helps me to understand when I get frustrated on the golf course...hopefully it will help you also:

    Golf in General challenges:

    Your Motivation

    Your Confidence

    When actually playing on the course golf challenges:

    Your tempo

    Your attention

    Just remember these challenges and keep things simple...hope this helps.

  6. James B

    If my round is going so bad I just relax, forget about the score and try to get my swing back. Getting mad and upset isn't going to do any good ....

  7. Joshua E

    I feel your pain, I shot a 37 on the front 9 yesterday adn was excited since it was my lowest score for 9 ever, went to the back and shot 4 double bogeys in a row. Needless to say I was a LITTLE ANGRY, lol. Anyway I calmed down and put my headphones on and listened to my ipod while i was walking, and it calmed me down and I hit par on the rest of the holes.I think I have found the combnation of walking instead of riding and listening to my ipod have lowered my scores just beacuse I am more relaxed and can focus on every shot. I know that it is not possible to walk every round, but if you can try and focus on every shot as its own shot and not think about the drive you just shanked ( which happens alot) it will help you recover and get back on track. Good luck and have fun, after all you just have to hit the ball in the hole, its not that hard, lol

  8. david m

    Shorten your swing. When im playing bad it's mostly because I start to get careless and out of control. Take 3/4 swings with every club and focus on contact. If your also having trouble off the tee just think of fairways. Block out all the misses and focus on the target. Hitting the fairway will change everything.

  9. Wilson S

    A tool or method that I resort to when playing poorly is referring to a single thought when standing over the ball or preparing to make a shot.  Now, I would believe that this thought would absolutely be different for each individual.  When things turn south I only think of one very simple thing.  I don't think about my backswing, my grip, weight shift or any other technique you could think of.  I have one lone, uninterrupted thought and this seems to help me.

  10. Josh C

    What i do after i have a bad hole or two back to back is to just stop for a minute before the next tee, and clear my head by remembering why i play golf.  I also like to think about things that go wronge in my swing first that are possible factors.

  11. David Browning

    I used to get frustrated quite often, now, nothing. It's just not worth it. EVERYONE on the planet, including the Pro's, hits bad shots, are going to have bad/frustrating rounds, and so on. To top everything off, when I finally realized how much I looked like a fool, and quit getting frustrated over silly stuff, it made me a MUCH better player!


    "Feeling" frustrated is kind of a good thing. Not like, mad frustrated, just shows that you have a will to play better, and you will. I know you will. Just focus on each golf shot. Think about positive things. Like the best way to get the ball in the hole, in the least amount of strokes!

  12. Hotsauce

    Stop keeping score, and just relax.  

    If you're playing horribly in a tournament or money game, just focus on your next shot.  My last round I sprayed all over the first hole.  Lost one in the drink, chunked one into a bunker, left one in a different bunker, and pretty much looked like a moron.  After schlepping one on the green, and fuming from my poor display, I just relaxed and figured that my money was gone for the day.  I finished that hole with a 9.  But that 9th shot was a 25 footer.  I rallied back and finished the front 9 10 over, finishing the round at 13 over tying my partner.

    Just remember: After you make contact that shot is gone, and it's on to the next one.

    I got really upset once when I was just learning, and my Grandpa looked me square in the eyes and said "You're not good enough to get mad, unless you're playing this game for a living, there's no reason to curse".  I think about those words whenever I start to get down.

  13. Paul V1

    One of the things that has really helped me this year is not trying to go for the big scoring shots. Shoot for par and the birdies will fall. If bogey is ok to you, shoot for that. It makes the rounds much more relaxing since your not swinging out of your shoes, or trying to play out of your potential.  with this mentality I've had to even par rounds in the last two weeks.  Let us know what you decide to try, but there's a lot of advice here try not to get overwhelmed and don't try too many things at once. You know yourself better than anyone, so be honest with yourself and do what will work for you.  Good luck!

  14. Clinton M

    get a lesson.

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