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team titleist hats and shirts


how many of you team titleist members would like team  hats or shirts and other items.  send in emails  and maybe next year titleist will have items for us to wear.

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  1. AP1

    That is a great idea along with the other discussion about having a "Team Titleist" tent at PGA, LPGA Tour events etc...

  2. NavyLD12

    Both ideas sound cool to me

  3. Tar Heel

    Sign me up!

  4. Andrew A

    Thats a good idea! count me in on a shirt if this would happen.

  5. Chris R

    Totally agree.

  6. Stan E

    Shirts and hats would be awesome.  Let me know what we need to do to represent Titleist..Thanks

  7. dave h

    I love free stuff.

  8. Joey R

    I am in for the shirts and hats!

  9. A.J. B

    That is a great idea.  I would wear team Titleist apparel.

  10. J.D.

    Excellent idea. You can count me in as well!!!

  11. Russ K

    I think iti is an extremely great idea!!

  12. Russ K

    Excellant idea ~ I would be proud to wear the Titleist logo!!

  13. Richard S


    Great idea. Count on me also.

  14. Logan P

    It's a great idea..who wouldn't want to represent Team Titleist?

  15. Tom W

    And have it personalized with your screen name stiched on the back!!

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