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Comparison b/t s300 vs flighted project x 5.5 iron shafts

Vincent a

I presently play s300 shafts on my irons, I hit them fine but like all of us I am looking to see if there is something better.  My brother plays flighted project x 5.5 and he states that they are more stable that the s300.  Right now I am looking for up to date information.  The internet has some comparisons that were done  4 years ago.

I would appreciate any comments, especially first hand info.   Thanks.

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  1. Tony C

    I personally prefer the True Temper as they are way more cheap and perform better compareable to the Project X Flighted series. I also feel that you get a more predictable flight pattern while playing with the True Tempers, while the Project X was a tad bit lacking in flight control. Both clubs in the end have tremendous feel.


    Tony C

  2. Ryan Crysler

    I would agree with Tony on the current state of Project X steel shafts.  Both are now True Temper Products.

    We've tested multiple flexes from 5.5-6.5  at multiple club making sites in Austin and it's basically impossible to match a set of shafts according to the labels.  We can't explain the inconsistencies but it's almost as if there's a big barrel of shafts and the supplier throws a label on and ships it out.  A 7 iron tests at 5.5, while a 5 iron tests a 6.5.  Although we haven't tested sets in 2011, we have seen this trend from 2009-2010.

    However, we have found that the Project X 5.0 flex are the most consistent across all equipment company sets.  Regardless of brand multiple club makers frequency Project X 5.0 shafts at 5.0, plus or minus .1.  For whatever reason, Project X 5.0 are more consistent and reliable. 

    The main design of Project X is to launch higher with less spin.  Known as "spin killers" these shafts work great for steep angle of attack golfers that balloon their irons. I suggest you try the 5.0 series to compare to the s300.

    I have a personal connection with Project X.  I've played them since they first arrived to market in a "satin" finish.  I was a victim of inconsistent feel and performance in my new set of Titleist irons.   I actually found a set of 2003 Project X shafts and put them in my new set of Titleist.  An unbelievable difference in feel, consistency and performance! 

    On a side note, aftermarket club makers rave about the quality and consistency of KBS shafts.  Ironically, "KB" created the original Project X.

  3. Steven B

    Ryan, i can't get the same answer from players that i know or golf shops, what is the difference between S300 and S400, is it just a few gram weights or does the S400 play a bit stiffer, i am getting out of X100's, they just feel to harsh, i still hit them correct yardages but i don't like the way they feel.

  4. Ryan Crysler

    The S4s are definitely heavier than S3s...about 3-6 grams throughout the set. The S4s are slightly stiffer (less torque) than S3s and slightly softer than X1s.

    If they feel "harsh" that could be translated into stiffness so one alternative would be to try soft stepping X1s.  You could keep the same shafts and save a little cash...although your lowest iron would need to be ejected from the bag!  If you don't know what I mean...basically "soft-stepping" means taking a 4 iron shaft, and putting it in the 5 iron...throughout the set.  Trim to length.  That lowers the stiffness slightly while maintain a preferred weight.   



  5. John L

    Shafts are an individual thing. You deffinetly want a good feel that inspires confidence in your shots. I tend to show up to alot of demo days to see what companies are doing and what might be better so i try the fittings there everytime they offer and i always work threw the shaft options just to see whats working for me. I have always found Project X's to be alittle whippy even in the 7.0. but i know alot of guys that swear by the consistancy of the 6.0 and while its a great shaft its just not my shaft. I always end up beeing fitted into X100's. And i dont have feel problems with them i've enven used them in wedges. but i do have a high swing speed and a steep angle so X's help me to reduce spin on my long irons. My advice is Try everything they let you try and never look at what shaft they put in the club just hit the balls and make your decision based on the numbers and the feel you get. you may find out your an S200 guy and never knew it. Just dont try to fit your self let the Professional help you. the best way is to do a blind fitting like you've never played the game. you'll be surprised at the the results and consistancy you gain. Just besure your loose before the fitting.

  6. Titleist Clubs - CS Lead

    Great suggestion RC.  

    I would just add that the shafts from True Temper are weight sorted and not frequency sorted.  The difference between s300 and s400 is weight but there is certainly the chance that an s300 shaft may frequency out slightly stiffer than an s400.  Although, most players will find that the heavier shaft will "feel" firmer. 

  7. Steven B

    Nick, thanks-i had already soft tipped the x1s and still thought they just feel too harsh, i have ordered the mbs 5-pw w/ s400s, play x flex in all my woods but don't like my irons too feel to stiff, thanks again for your input

  8. Steven B

    John, thanks for your input, i like yur advice of not worrying what the lable says, hit everything and see what works, all my woods are currently dialed in, but have struggled with irons too long-thanks-I will take your advice

  9. Ryan Crysler

    Very nice!  Please let us know how the new sticks work!

  10. Steven B

    Ryan, thanks for your help, i have used s4s in the past and like the weight better, just wanted something a tad bit stiffer than s3s, have played blades in the past, been using AP2s and 710 CBs, looking forward to them, also got rid of 3 & 4, replaced with hybrids, something new to me, but i think i will transition well, thanks again!

  11. Benjamin L

    So the 5.5 are equal to what we should expect out of the s300. I've enjoyed the project x 73C for my D3...

  12. Tim S

    I was just fitted for project x 5.5 in a set of MB' there a softer feeling shaft with the same low spin characteristics? How are the Tour Issue Dynamic golds or the KBS C-tapers?


    Id like to try another shaft base don what im reading here




  13. Benjamin L

    Well the 5.5 is a weaker shaft than the s300's.  the comparison would be 6.0 v. S300's.  I would go with the s300's

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  14. Tim S

    what do you mean by "weaker"...will the S300 bring my ball flight down a little more or should I think about using a heavier shaft"?

  15. Andrew T

    Well said Ben. I played s300s for years and recently switched to the 5.5's. I always had good control of my trajectory but with the 5.5's. Every iron ends up high and short. NO penetration to the ball fight. I'm switching back.

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