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Tour Van Fitting Experience


So I had my Titlesit Tour Van Fitting yesterday and it was amazing.

We started out by discussing my goals for the day which was get the irons right and then work on the rest. I am a scratch golfer and had never been fitted before. Next I was explained how to read the trackman info so i had an idea what they were looking at.

We started fitting the irons and realized mine were to long +1" so we tried some different lengths and shafts. Once we realized the DG X100 was the right shaft they made one to the specs I needed because they didnt have an X100 in +1/2". Then we worked on the loft and lie to get the spin numbers under control my 6 iron was spinnig at about 7850 RPM they would like it at 6000. We got the irons down to about 6800 rpms and i gained 9yards and my distance went from 18 yards difference in 6 shot group to only 5 yards. They cut down and adjusted my irons to the right specs while we did the long game fitting.

The Driver fitting was an eye opener to say the least. My driver(909D3 8.5 RIP 60x 45") had an average distance of 303 with a left and right dispersion of 45 yardsand 3200RPM . We imediate went to a 44" shaft and the dispersion narrowed dramatically. They had to build a RIP 80x at 44" for me to demo which was really cool it makes you feel important when the build simething just for you to demo to make sure they get the best fitting driver when you leave. The Final results were 910D3 8.5 B1 setting RIP80x at 44" Average distance was 302.7 with an 8 yard left and right dispersion and a launch of 10.8 at 2700RPM. I have to tell you guys I have hit on the trackman before and this is the first time I have been under 3000rpm.

The 3wood was simple after the driver. I currently play the 909f2 13.5 with Voodoo XPP8 at 43". Average distance was 267 with a left and right dispersion of 27 yards. We went straight to the 910F 13.5 RIP 80x at 42" Final result was 274 with a dispersion of 12 yards.

Now to the Hybrid the only non Titlesit club in my bag. I play and Adams A7 19* with a Aldila NV 105x. Now due to the strengthing of the lofts on the irons we went to a 17* 910H. After hitting a few shaft the X100 was the best feeling and performing. I decided I wanted to place my Adams with the 910h and they Built it right there in the Van and it was ready before I left.

This was absolutly the best experience I have had. I got to tour the Van and Erik and Peter were awesome they made me feel like I was a tour pro and they were great guys. This was deffinately worth it and would suggest it to anyone that is serious about their game. It is the excellent customer service and the great people at Titleist that will keep only Titleist equipment in my bag for a long time. 

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  1. eagle3

    What a great experience. I have never had the opportunity to have that sone, but was able to have been fitted for my irons at a demo day. The fitter was very patient and as a result, I bought a new set of AP2s with the specs developed by my performance and the help of the fitter. Hope to some day get the same thing done at another demo day or possibly with the Titleist van guys.

  2. memphisunited

    Great write-up.  I really like hearing the details of the Titleist tour fitting van experience.  I hope to do it at some point.

  3. Quintin H

    Sounds like a blast, not sure I want to know all that about my swing, but it would be nice to fix.

  4. Barry O

    Sounds a lot like my Tour fitting experience out at Oceanside, CA. Not sure how they relate for the time allowed and the gambit of options available; but for sure you got the best fitting in the business! In my original comments on my 3 hr.fitting, I stated that it far exceeded my wildest expectations. I have a couple of physical problems that hamper me from hitting it 300 yds anymore, but like you my fitter Steve was able to narrow my dispursion field and help me gain more distance. I went up a few swing weights and down in length of club too! I agree, every  golfer who's serious about the game and never had a Tour Fitting experience doesn't know what he or she is missing! The customer experience is incredible, bar none! They know how to treat fellow golfers and give them not only a definite chance for improving their game but they make you feel very, very special; just like a touring pro getting his equipment tweaked! Great comments! 

  5. NavyLD12

    So I played in a scramble yesterday with 3 of the wounded warriors I teach golf to yesterday, only one of them had been on the course before. It was my first time after the fitting of course. I hit only 1 bad shot the whole day. I made 8 birdies on my own ball and 2 other one of the guys made the putt then I made it anyway. This just proves how much the fitting helps. I am not saying I will play like this everyday but j haven't hit the ball this well since I joined the navy I can't wait to play tomorrow with my group I play with in out money game. I couldn't be happier with the fitting they did and the experience I had doing my tour fitting. Thank you Titleist

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