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golfing in japan on hold

John L

Hey guys i know i've mentioned a few times im in japan and if anyone was wondering my self and my extended family are fine. I am apart of the recovery actions but i cant say much more due to my affilitation. Just know i may not coment for awhile due to my job being so busy. and yea this means my golf is on hold too. I'll let you know when im back to fairways and greens.



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  1. owen p

    Good to hear that everyone is ok. My heart goes out to all this that were affected. Good luck with your job. Hope you can get back on the course sooner than later!!
  2. Quintin H

    I'm glad you and yours are good.



  3. Tyler H

    Glad to hear you are ok. Look forward to seeing you post on here when things get back to normal for you.

  4. Joshua E

    Good luck and glad to hear you and your family are alright.

  5. Hotsauce

    Best of luck with the recovery. 

  6. Deno


    Be safe, and best of luck with the massive recovery effort,   Golf's not the priority right now for sure.


  7. Steve B


    Glad to hear you and your family are safe.  You are in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with the difficult days to follow.  Good luck and hope you get to hit the course soon.


  8. ToddL

    Best wishes to all oversees assisting with the disaster efforts.  We look forward to you return to the site when the situations settles back down.

  9. John L

    Just an update still no time for golf but i am getting some down time. All is going well. Dont belive everything in the News the air is fine here I've been working in it everyday. Um I played a round of golf onthe PlayStation today hahaahahah but i dont think that counts for much. Im hopeing things slow down enuff to play golf by mid april we have a club event then but Im sure i wont be the only one alittle out of practice by then. But yea things are going good here in japan Just the work is still busy. To all my freinds here in TT land keep the good talk going i'll post agine when i get the chance.


  10. John L

    We'll work has slowed down enuff to talk about golf but not yet enuff to play it. im hopeing by the weekend i will be able to get around in.

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