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By AHawes

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  1. Have had some new T100s irons ordered for me but understand these come out of Melbourne Australia. Any idea what the delivery schedules are like at the moment with Lockdown? A

  2. Hey how long did they take to arrive? Thanks
  3. 5 weeks
  4. I have been waiting 9 weeks for a 16.5* TS3 and. 3 hybrid TS2. I have heard that it some have been waiting up to 12 weeks. Frustrating as, but I guess that is the world we are living in right now.
  5. I have been waiting since mid September for custom fitted T200 irons. The Vokey wedges arrived mid December but waiting for the rest. No feedback is available about the delivery time to Auckland. So who knows?
  6. AFong

    Auckland, New Zealand

    My TSi3 shaft broke near the adaptor tip, after about 8 rounds.
    2 weeks waiting, im impatient at the best of times! Just want to get it back asap haha!
  7. Andy Gregory

    Andy Gregory
    Perth, Western Australia

    Wow, how did you break your TSi3? Was that due to a manufacturing fault or just pure brute force club head speed ...hehe
  8. Your supplier should replace the shaft with another from in-store stock under guarantee? My irons arrived last week, at last. Worth the long wait. Titleist gear is the best!
  9. Hi Team,

    I ordered my iron set last december and was adivsed in January that it will be late march before I get them, is this still the case?
  10. Yes I think I so.
    Ordered mine T200s 26th August 2021.Appeared to be a January 2022 delivery , but still waiting on the correct shafts coming in ( Graphite in a 4 utilty/5 and 6 iron) Steel shaft 7/8 and 9 iron.
    Hopefully will see them next month before autumn starts in the south island.
  11. Got them yesterday............nearly 6 months to the day.
    Now the fun begins
  12. I can see in the Titleist US forum that irons are starting to be delivered. Hopefully this is the same here in NZ

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