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By Scott H

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  1. Scott H

    Scott H
    Port Macquarie New South Wales

    Well it’s been 4 years since I gave up golf due to life but to my amazement, I will be starting again hopefully in about a month. I had sold everything as I didn’t think I would ever play again & now I’m in the middle of getting everything again. Boy you don’t know what you had & what it is worth until you have to replace it, and I mean everything … not just the major things, but the little things like ball markers, brushes, towels etc Hopefully I can get back to what I used to be, around 7, or even less with more practice. Maybe I’ll see you on the course, can’t wait

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  2. Felipe P

    Felipe P
    Melbourne, VIC

    Good luck, Scott. I hope you get back to HCP 7 or better.

    At least you have the proper gear :) That is always a good start.

    Happy golfing!

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