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By Chris92009

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  1. G'day everyone!

    I am planning on coming back to Sydney in August (hopefully the weather will be ok!) as I return again for golf to your beautiful country. It has been two years since I was last with you and I can't wait.

    If anyone is around from August 17-22 let me know so we can coordinate a Team Titleist outing possibly?!

    Cheers, Chris Instagram: @Chris92009 (you can see some pictures of my Aussie travels in years past golfing, as well as my Titleist HQ visit in Melbourne to see the inner workings)

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  2. Felipe P

    Felipe P
    Melbourne, VIC

    Hi Chris. I think you have a better chance of contacting TT members via the TT ANZ Facebook Group. As I have said before, the TT ANZ Community does not participate in the TT official website forums.

    Sadly, I will be away from mid-July to mid-October. I have not visited my family back in Colombia since August 2019.

    Have a great trip, Chris.

    Happy golfing!
  3. Thank you! I joined the TT ANZ Community via Facebook...great community!

    Sorry to hear you wont be around, hopefully I can catch you the next trip in Feb 2023.

    Cheers, Chris
  4. We are almost done finalizing our Meet and Greet TT Event for Sydney in mid August. More details are on the Team Titleist Loyalists - Australia & New Zealand Facebook group. Hope to see you there!

  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Hey big guy, bring some Tim Tams to FL with you. No vegemite!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun. What a great country and a land of great people.

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