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By AFrancis

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  1. Any of the latest Team Titleist items dropping in Australia?

  2. AHill

    Melbourne, Australia

    Also interested to hear
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    We just had a TT drop here in the states. Prior to the drop Titleist notified everyone on the TT site the day the drop would be offered. Recommend staying tuned down under. Everyone here had been anxiously waiting also.
  4. Parky


    I managed to pick up a couple of items and got them shipped to my son’s girlfriend’s place in Scottsdale. She then sends them on to me in New Zealand along with other items.
  5. Richard Gregory

    Richard Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    Stay tuned - big changes coming in 2023 for TT ANZ.

    If you haven’t done so far, join the Team Titleist Loyalists ANZ group
  6. WKinneen


    exciting times!
  7. Steve k

    Steve k

    I had a member from the UK kindly off to post me out some gear from tt drop, managed to get a couple of hats
  8. JCoyne


    Would be good in getting TT Gear in Australia
  9. JCoyne


    Very interested getting TT Gear in Australia
  10. JCoyne


    Very interested getting TT Gear in Australia
  11. I play with someone who recently got some TT gear (in Australia) so I would love to get my hands on some too! I also think it would be awesome if they did a putter cover with the TT styling on it!
  12. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    A TT themed putter cover is a brilliant idea. I would definitely buy one since I haven’t been able to renew my Cameron Club membership this year as yet.
  13. I've signed up to the group too
  14. Reay N

    Reay N
    Warriewood NSW Australia

    Very keen on getting a 9 wood. Currently have a 7 and love it. Does Titleist make one?
  15. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The typical loft on a 9 wood is a 23* to 26*. The TSR1 comes in a 23* loft. You can adjust it to a 24.5* to make it weaker. Hopefully this will meet your specs.

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