Team Titleist - Meet N Greet (Sydney)

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By Richard Gregory

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  1. Richard Gregory

    Richard Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    Hi All,

    Everyone behind the scenes from the Team Titleist Loyalists ANZ FB group is hosting a Meet N Greet in Sydney this coming February 2023 -

    Post Image
  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  3. Richard Gregory

    Richard Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    It will be great to catch up again Chris - as we both know the last Meet N Greet was a great night
  4. Richard Gregory

    Richard Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

    Event cut off will be Monday 06/02/2023 to assist with planning.
    Looking forward to a great night
  5. Rob L

    Rob L

    Looking forward to the 2024 event lol - I'll hopefully be living there by the end of 2023
  6. One week or so and counting! Can't wait to see everyone again!!

    Cheers, Chris
  7. Ahh will they have one in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? i'd love some of that merch!
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Sounds like one heck of a great event. You guys enjoy! Have signed up for a Christmas cruise to NZ this year. Will be flying into beautiful Sydney and spending one night at the Four Seasons. All depends on the health of one of our family members. Know nothing about the Hotel. Free trip and the gallery is handling all the details.
  9. Waz

    Peakhurst Heights

    Was a fun night!

    Always good to catch up with some familiar faces but great to meet some new ones who share the Titleist love in Australia.

    Look forward to the next gathering.
  10. Can’t wait to see everyone again in August 2023! Hope we can get out to play locally….I will be back in Sydney….(still working on getting around to other cities)

    Cheers, Chris

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