T100s 48 Vs Vokey 48

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By DHoggett

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  1. Anyone experimented with switching to a T100s 48 from a Vokey 48?

    Thinking the narrower sole of the 100 may interact better with the turf than the wider Vokey. Considering it’s mostly used for 3/4-full shots.


  2. AHill

    Melbourne, Australia

    I think if its for more versatility around the green, I’d agree with the option, but if you’re using it for full shots, it could create gaps depending on the distance you hit with it
  3. Rob L

    Rob L

    Here's a more analytical video on the difference from TXG: www.youtube.com/watch

    Worth a watch!
  4. PZ


    I dropped my sm8 vokey for the T100s 48 degree. For full shots I found the T100s was much more consistent ball flight and forgiveness.
  5. Andy Gregory

    Andy Gregory
    Perth, Western Australia

    I’m contemplating getting the T100s 48 as I have a huge gap between the 44 PW and my Vokey 52 SM8. Only problem is having to drop a club out to make way for the 48 deg. Good to know the 48 could have better turf interaction on full shots from the fairway than the vokey.
  6. I have tried both and prefer the more forgiving T100s version....IMHO

    The Vokey is not as forgiving on approach shots 120 yards+ and also I prefer the feel of the T100S 48 degree ....

    Just my two cents...
  7. Thanks for the input guys. 100 it is
  8. I'm in a similar situation. I have the T100s and the PW being 44 degrees, my next club is a 50, 56 then a 60. I'm debating going 48, 54, 58 instead to give me a few more metres with each wedge.

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