Pro v1x or NXT tour?

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By Matt J

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  1. Pro v1x or NXT tour?
  2. Rich P

    Rich P
    stony point, NY

    I played the nxt tour good ball . I buy the prov1x used balls off e-bay and they fly better . so im sticking with the prov1x's . their a great ball. they do help my game. Once i improve a little more i will be buying new .

  3. Of course all of the info I put didn't show up haha. So I'll shorten it up a little. I don't know my swing speed. I play the nxt tour right now and it's doing alright. But I want more spin around the green. To me the nxt tour doesn't have enough short game spin. I like the nxt off the tee, and I like it off the irons when I hit it good. But will the new 2013 pro v1x hit off the tee and irons like the nxt but have more short game spin?

  4. Joseph C

    Joseph C
    Bridgeville, PA

    i think the nxt tour would be perfect with more control around greens. When I play them I cannot get them to stop but with the ProV1 they stop and come back a foot or two. 

    Huge difference in price and control but all and all prov1 is a better ball.

  5. Ron R

    Ron R
    Houston, TX

    I coach golf and fit my better players with Pro V1 and Pro V1x. My mid Golfers that shoot in the 90's I bought the NXT-Tour-S.  What I found out about the NXT's is they are good when hitting a full shot into the green. When it comes to bump and run or finesse shots around the green they seem too light and don't stop. Ended up trading them out for more Pro-V1x

  6. Jay  W

    Jay W
    big spring, TX

    prov1x has alot more spin with my game compared to nxt and it has to do with the swing around the green

  7. SD_Golfer

    Aberdeen, SD


    The way I see it, I love the action I get from the Pro V1 around the greens and on the approach, because of that, even if it means using a 5 iron instead of a 6 iron on my approach on Par 4's, it is definitely worth it.  I know people who prefer the way the NXT Tour performs around the green, that is the ball for them.  

    The only advice I can give is play a round (or preferably 2 or 3) with each and decide which you are happiest with.

  8. Jacob B

    Jacob B
    Commerce, MI

    I play the ProV1x's and I really love them. I tried the NXT Tour's and the ProV1's, and the ProV1x's are still my favorite. If you are looking for more short game control, the ProV1 is going to provide more control and spin around the greens than the other two are. The ProV1x's will fly further with less spin, which is really the main difference. I have found that all ProV's will stop very quickly, though.

    Good Luck!

  9. Tyler G

    Tyler G
    Cambridge, ON

    I was previously playing the NXT Tour ball, but once the new ProV1x's were released this year, I instantly switched. 

    I find there is way more control around the greens, even out some thick rough. But can be also worked different directions off the tee. 

    But again, it comes down to a preference depending on your swing speed.


  10. Ryan H

    Ryan H
    Rowlett, TX

    I have played both a lot. Off the tee I cannot tell a difference. But with my approaches, the time it takes the ball to stop once it hits the green it significantly shorter for the ProV1x. For example, I had a tournament where I hit a three hybrid and the ball came out low but still stopped in about 20 feet.

    I can tell the biggest difference around the green on my chips. With the ProV1x, the ball plays more consistent and seems to reach the same even roll faster.

    Hope this helps 

  11. Jimmy L

    Jimmy L
    Hinsdale, IL

    I have used Pro V1's for a long time, but recently switched due to too much spin. When I would hit a lower shot into the wind, the Pro V1 would spin way to much. The NXT Tour's however drop and stop. I see minimal difference's in distance off the tee and with irons. I also still receive just as good short game control. Overall, with the lower price and lower spin, I would reccommend the NXT Tour any day over the Pro V line. 

  12. Brian R

    Brian R
    Hayward, CA

    Jimmy L.......... Have you considered trying the ProV1X?

  13. Jimmy L

    Jimmy L
    Hinsdale, IL

    Yes I have and I love them. They preform just like the NXT Tour but my only problem is their price. Im kind of a cheap guy and if NXT Tours preform the same as ProV1X's, then why would I spend the money. 

  14. Carl T

    Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

    I like the ProV1x for the following reasons. First I like the fact that they spin less to give a longer straighter flight when hit with the driver regardless of swing speed and for mid iron range approach to the green they tend to stop pretty quick with very little roll out because I have always had a high trajectory with my irons. I have always been a sweeper and not a digger with my clubs and the greens keepers love me. There is very little difference between the two ProV1's when chipping around the green so the choice in my case is very easy.

  15. James S

    James S
    Apollo Beach, FL

    I have played the NXT and they are good balls!  Personally, I am in love with the Pro V1x.  Great distance (for me) off the tee  or the fairway and straight shooters if I do my part. and great stopping power on the greens which really works for me since I tend to pitch to the pin. 

    Invest in a couple of sleeves or Pro V1s and see how you like them. Over and over again I have found you get what you pay for, but sometimes you don't really need everything a more expensive product has to offer. 

  16. Steve G

    Steve G
    Lake Oswego, OR

    I found the prov1s having much better control out of green side bunkers along with more distance off the tee. In the cold, I switch to the velocity balls since its difficult to compress the ball in below 50 degree weather.  Go with pro v1 for better consistency on the greens.  Steve 

  17. Kurt Z

    Kurt Z
    Woodville, OH

    I really like the NXT Tour.  Maybe it's a confidence thing, but I feel I have more control with it, and stay in the fairway more.  The ball has a high launch and stopping it on the green is not a problem.  Of course it won't spin like a ProV1X but I've had it stop within a foot or two on a full wedge.  If I can do that and keep it in the fairway, I can't ask for more than that.

  18. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    lilburn, GA

    the pro v1x

  19. Danny A

    Danny A
    Albuquerque, NM

    ProV1 for me. I have always played this ball. I have such great control and I can spin it very well. I get good distance as well. Some day when I finish my 4 dz ProV 1's I'll try the ProV1X's!! But for now it's ProV1 !!!
  20. A senior golfer played all titlist balls but find the NXT best for my game. The ProVs are great but get more needed distance from NXTs
  21. James B

    James B
    San Antonio, TX

    For me ... The Pro v1x

  22. Greg P

    Greg P
    algonquin, IL

    Depends.  The NXT is as close to a pro ball as you will find. It is that good.  Close enough in spin performance that many people can't differentiate the difference. If you cannot, save the extra $20 and go with the NXT. Did I say it was REALLY good???

  23. Joseph P

    Joseph P
    chicago, IL

    To me, it comes down to chipping and wedge shots. I was trying to show the difference between a good ball and a cheaper, regular ball, and there wasn't much difference with basic chipping, But when you need to spin a better ball just performs better.
  24. Kevin T

    Kevin T
    Rochester, NY

    I actually love the NXT tour ball off the driver and irons. Straight and long... My only problem is around the greens when chipping. There are times when I need to hit a shot that checks and the NXT tour doesn't do that. When greens are wet and soft I'd throw a NXT TOUR on the tee all day, but when they firm up you have to play the PRO V1x or even the 1.

  25. Tobias R

    Tobias R
    Jokela, 0

    I have been playing Pro v1x  since i start playing Titleist golf balls, and i think Pro v1x is better than NXT tour.

  26. Richard W

    Richard W
    Lady Lake, FL

    Clinton M said:

    the pro v1x

    ProV 1x is the best ball on the market for all amateurs .

  27. guy s

    guy s
    Itasca, IL

    i played then both, switch to the pro v. spins a little more and helps the ball stay in the air longer for my swing

  28. Seamus F

    Seamus F
    Chesapeake, VA

    Have always played top of line Titleist except for a year or so when another brand had their HT balata... but am approaching 50 and am watching these kids just bomb away. It's unreal. I hit it about 270 off the tee with ProV1x on a very solid drive assuming no wind and flat landing area.

    YESTERDAY tried NXT!

    For me the distance off of the tee is definitely measurable and straighter than Pro V1x or Pro V1. I freaked out on 9th. Usually have about 140-165 on a decent drive but had 95!

    I think that unless you are playing very hard greens you could be better off with the NXT. I am playing softer greens and these balls drop, stop and spin back. If you are playing brick greens no ball is going to help you... may as well have shorter clubs into greens and learn how to play where you don't short side yourself all the time and need to flop it.

    I am now going to try the Velocity. Don't care. 4 handicap and the ego is out the door on this one. I am betting that the Velocity will perform even longer and straighter than NXT and stop as well.

  29. Bill M

    Bill M
    Haverhill, MA

    Ask your pro to arrange for the Titleist Tour Van to come to your course to do a 'proper' ball fitting.  We recently had the team come up to Atkinson CC in NH, and the 15 - 20 minutes spent hitting balls with the launch monitor provided all the details and information, and the interpretation and feedback provided by the Titleist Staff was awesome.



  30. Rob M

    Rob M
    Bountiful, UT

    I was in a quandary about NXT/V1/V1x until I read this post.  I've played NXT on a few holes and gained measurable yards and Seamus is right about soft/hard greens.  I too am going to put my 6 handicap ego out the door and use NXTs.

  31. Seamus F

    Seamus F
    Chesapeake, VA

    Follow up... DEFINITE short game advantage  with V1 over V1X and NXT. Depending on the conditions and course I can safely say that for me a switch between V1 and NXT is easy. Super long course gets NXT. Shorter and tricky greens get V1. I do want spin around the green so it's an easy choice. The V1 is much softer and gives me a balata feel that spanks the Professional of the 90's. Course management key. 

  32. jeff r

    jeff r
    poland, OH

    How do you know if the Pro v1x or the Pro v1 is the better ball for me?

  33. Dan V1

    Dan V1
    Temecula, CA

    I love both versions of the Pro V1.  But in my experience as a 15 to 18 handicapper, the Pro V1x is easier to manage off the tee and approach shots.  I prefer the Pro V1 for putting and chipping, but my long game is not quite there yet for the Pro V1 (too much backspin from that distance for me).  I view the Pro V1x as the "game improvement" or "more user friendly" version of the two.  I look forward to "graduating" to the Pro V1 during 2014.  If not, I will gladly stay with the Pro V1x indefinitely.

  34. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Dan V1 said:

    I love both versions of the Pro V1.  But in my experience as a 15 to 18 handicapper, the Pro V1x is easier to manage off the tee and approach shots.  I prefer the Pro V1 for putting and chipping, but my long game is not quite there yet for the Pro V1 (too much backspin from that distance for me).  I view the Pro V1x as the "game improvement" or "more user friendly" version of the two.  I look forward to "graduating" to the Pro V1 during 2014.  If not, I will gladly stay with the Pro V1x indefinitely.

    Couldn't agree with you more - as another higher handicap (and older/slower) player.  I'm hoping to augment my short game with more spin around the greens, so maybe I can definitively decide between NXT Tour and the 1X.  I haven't tried Velocity or DT Solo, but NXT Tour/ProvV1X have definitely played better than the Brand X's I've ended up donating to First Tee.  Because of the amber, I've tried the NXT-Tour-S, but it tends to wander more, for long hits, like a Pro V, for me.  The other deciding factor would be if NXT Tour or ProV1x came in amber.  I can't track white balls on cloudy days and spend too much time looking for them if I don't have another player with me to spot.

  35. Dan V1

    Dan V1
    Temecula, CA

    Happy New Years, Don!  My favorite yellow Titleist ball is the DT Solo.  Its cover has a decent and predictable amount of grip on the green.  In MY experience, I saw no noticable greenside spin difference between the DT Solo and the NXT Tour S.  In MY experience, the DT Solo flies a little farther than the NXT Tour S off the tee and with the full shot irons.  I think the DT Solo is Titleist's best yellow ball.  There are many people who think, dollar for dollar, the DT Solo is Titleist's best ball.  BTW, the DT Solo has a darker shade of yellow than the NXT Tour S.

  36. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Dan V1 -

    DT Solo is something I hadn't tried since the previous version.  I had a stash of the former NXT - now exhausted.  I've been happy with the NXT and ProV1x, on sunny days.  With updates coming with the PGA show in a couple of weeks and the ground condititons here approaching permafrost, I'll have to see what to do for cloudy days in 3 months.  If the choices are still just the Tour-S and DT Solo, I'll try a sleeve of the DT Solo. 

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  37. Steve H

    Steve H
    Wylie, TX

    Good point. The Yellow NXT and DT Solo balls can be fun and easily visible on a cloudy day.
  38. jeff r

    jeff r
    poland, OH

    I live in Ohio just got back from wild dunes resort in South Carolina and I tried the Pro v1x balls and thought they were very great golf ball. They gave me great control off the tee and around the greens. Most of all for my game a little more distance. Great ball....

  39. Tyson M

    Tyson M
    paducah, KY

    For me personally I prefer the NXT. I think they are both top of the line golf balls but for my game the NXT just feels better

  40. Dan V1

    Dan V1
    Temecula, CA

    Hey Tyson!

    Even though the NXT Tour S is touted as the softer NXT, I prefer the feel of the NXT Tour off my mid irons.  Of the two, the non-S feels "meatier."  For me, the redeeming quality of the S is the yellow option.  In my case, I go with the DT Solo in yellow!  Of the white balls, I have played the Pro V1x against the NXT Tour head-to-head numerous times and my Pro V1x scores at the end of the round average about FOUR shots BETTER.  It doesn't matter if it's a 96 or an 87.  Both are straight off the tee and equally far.  HOWEVER, the Pro V1x behaves better around the dance floor!  Consequently, my bag consists of the WHITE Pro V1x and the YELLOW DT Solo.

  41. Kel W

    Kel W
    Lake Charles, LA

    As others have said on slow, soft greens the NXT Tour would be fine. I hit a 5 iron today into a soft green with the ball stopping next to the divot. In the summer that wouldn't happen.
  42. dave p

    dave p
    lexington, KY

    I have played both and prefer the proV1 line. Had been playing the 1X, but when the 2013 line came out found the 1X was "harder" and switched to the 2013 ProV1. Love the way it feels and acts around the green. As for the spin off driver, I can live with it, to get the best ball for me around the green. Never have been a bomber so have always relied on short game! Either way, you're using the best balls in golf! Good Luck! Now if the weather would just give a man a break!!!!
  43. jon w

    jon w
    niles, OH

    nothing but the "X" for me can't believe how far it travels and rolls. try it you will be amazeed


  44. killerbgolfer

    Tenino, WA

    I use both. I play the ProV1x during the summer months when the greens are harder, then switch to the NXT Tour S during the colder and wetter months. I find i get nearly the same ball performance year round that way. 

  45. mike m

    mike m
    Waxhaw, NC

    I also switch during the colder months to the NXT tour ball. Living in NC, I play all year long, so when it's less than ideal I like to use what I would consider a softer ball, and have found the results to be positive.

  46. gary k

    gary k
    rantoul, IL

    can't beat the Pro V1

  47. Pat R

    Pat R
    Elizabethtown, KY

    I have been playing the NXT Tour for the past four years and love it.  I have found it to be straighter off the tee and longer than any other Titleist ball that I've tried.  On mid to long iron shots into the green I've found little to no difference between the NXT Tour and the Pro V1x for my swing (I hit a 7 iron about 150 yards).  On short irons and wedges, the Pro V1x stops faster on the green, but all in all, I've found the NXT Tour to be a great ball for me.

  48. andy r

    andy r
    Cheshire, CT

     Both are terrific but Pro V1X for me , especially after testing the new ones a few months ago.

    The distance and performance around the greens, to me. is what put's it over the top.

    In my opinion they are worth the price difference from the NXT.

  49. killerbgolfer

    Tenino, WA

    ProV1x is the best. If you're concerned about price, they're on sale in most places right now at 39.99/doz. Titleist also usually has a special round the end of the year where you can buy 3 get 1 free. So you're getting them at about $<40/ doz at that rate. Stock up!

  50. Dani S

    Dani S
    Mission, BC

    The ProV1x is going to spin more, obviously. Keep in mind that doesn't just affect your short game. Errant shots can be affected by this too. If you slice the ball, it's going to be a worse slice because you are playing a ball that spins a lot. and obviously same goes for hooking. Pay attention to your miss hits, not just how it reacts when you chip it.  

  51. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I might suggest going to a Titleist fitting someday and see what really is best for you.  I did and was playing the Prov1x and he changed me to the Prov1 and found that I did not loose any distance and got better control around the greens.  I appreciate the professional putting me on the right track. 

  52. Jay  W

    Jay W
    big spring, TX

    it would be nice and would if they came around to our course but it is back woods but great course rebuilt 3 years ago but water is a factor here and if you get a ball to suck back your doing great in my mind

  53. Curtis S

    Curtis S

    NXT Tour S for me ......  But I do plan on giving the Pro V's a shot next season . 

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