Switch from V1X to new V1?

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By Jay H

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  1. Jay H

    Jay H
    Lexington, SC

    Hearing several friends who are switching from the V1X to V1 with the new models. Curious to know if that switch is happening more widespread across Team Titleist. The people I know who are switching are citing the softer feel, ball flight, and no perceived loss of distance with the new V1 as the reason they are switching.

    Anyone else making the move from V1X to the new V1?

  2. masamitsu

    Parker, CO

    I'm pretty sure I'm switching but will know more next week. Going to try to get out a couple of days hitting numerous balls on the course.
  3. Robert

    Corpus Christi, TX

    sticking with the X. love the distance. to me, the V1 is still too soft for my liking. got some long courses down here.
  4. Gator

    Broken Arrow, OK

    I'm sticking with the ProV1X as I like more spin on the short game and wedge shots, especially around the greens...............
  5. I'm going to go from pv1 to the pv1x. Think I want the higher iron flight.
  6. RJohnson

    Cleveland, Oh

    I am heading on vacation in a week, with a dozen of each. I played a couple of rounds, but everything is real soft. Always loved the X, but after trying the new V1, I may be switching, so far its been great.
  7. TeeJ

    Chesapeake, VA

    I'm switching from the 2015 ProV1x to the 2017 ProV1 as well. Distance was identical for me with both the 2017 V and X. I really liked the lower trajectory of the V and I was also able to control my spin around the greens much better with the V than the X.
  8. Mike C

    Mike C
    Dallas, TX

    I have hit them both and will continue sticking with the ProV1x for now. I have not yet had the opportunity to hit them side by side on a launch monitor and it will be interesting to see the difference in the statistics once I have a chance to do this.
  9. I switched as well. I have a very high ball flight so the old X was the better ball for me. With the new models they have switched places and the V is even better than last years X.
  10. Been a dedicated x player due to spinny driver launch and ballooning. Wanted to play V1 because I've loved the feel on / around green. New V1 is great - flat driver flight and no ballooning, even into 20mph wind, and switching.
  11. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I have been playing the old X and both the new balls lately and I'm having difficulty choosing a ball to go with.

    For me the New Pro V1 is very low off the driver face.
    The old ProV1x is right in the middle.
    The new Prov1x is very high off the driver.

    I'm getting a little more spin off the irons with the new V1.

    I love the flight of the old V1x vs. the newer generation balls.

    Looks like I need to get on a Trackman and do some ball testing....

    Dr. K
  12. Jay H

    Jay H
    Lexington, SC

    Dr. K,

    I'm right there with you! Guess it's a great thing to have two high performing golf balls to choose from...but man, it's hard to figure out which is best one for me now.
  13. The 2017 Pro V1 is incredible. In years past, I never even really considered playing the ProV1 because I am a high launch, high spin player. However, after hearing about the changes to the 2017 models, I decided to get a sleeve of the 2017 ProV1 to compare to the 2015 ProV1x I had been playing. It only took me about 3-4 holes to realize that the 2017 ProV1 was going to be the choice for my game.

    The new ProV1 was not only longer off the tee for me, but also had more greenside control. I was able to hit low, skip and check pitch shots much easier than with the 2015 ProV1x. The ProV1 also had a much stronger, more penetrating trajectory on all shots than the past few models of the ProV1x. Basically, the new ProV1 has all of the characteristics I liked in the earlier versions of the ProV1x--less driver spin, more penetrating trajectory, better control in the wind, etc--while retaining that signature soft feel of the standard ProV1.

    So, after having played nothing but the Pro V1x for over 10 years, I will be switching to the new 2017 Pro V1.
  14. Jay H

    Jay H
    Lexington, SC

    Great feedback, Josh - thanks for sharing! My profile is same as yours - high ball flight and high spin. V1 wasn't even an option for me in years past. Now, it's almost like the V1 and V1x have switched places. Even this thread confirms what many of my friends have found - the new V1 is worth the switch from the prior V1x.
  15. I have to agree with most of the replies, I have switched to the 2017 ProV1 from V1x because of the lower flight. Around the greens I seem to have the same amount of spin, and as a very vain person, I like the black numbers, lol. Been looking for a reason to switch, and now I have. Still have some 2016 V1x's to burn through.
  16. Luke R

    Luke R
    Hamden, CT

    I am making the switch from X to the 2017 ProV1
  17. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    I still have too many 2016 X's from the buy 3 - get 1 free.. But it will be on the agenda to experiment.
  18. Allen L

    Allen L
    Clarington, OH

    Wish I had read through this thread sooner. Last season I played the 1x all year with good results. When the test balls came out I played them and thought that there was a little improvement with the height of the ball flight, something I wanted. This year I have been playing the 1x and I'm seeing a baby fade, something I don't want unless I want to hit a fade. So I'm about to go through another testing sequence on course, v1 and NXT Tour to shake out a better solution.

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