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By David T

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  1. I'm a relatively new golfer who tends to struggle a bit with crisp iron contact and the occasional drive that finds the rough. My typical score is 50 plus-minus for 9 holes on a par 36.

    I understand that landing the drive in the fairway is my responsibility not the golf ball or clubs, but minimizing trouble is my key to scoring low.

    Does anyone else at a similar skill level to me use the Velocity? Currently, I primarily use the Bstone E6.

    Any comments on ball recommendations for me?

    Regards Dave

  2. Matty E

    Matty E
    Joshua, TX

    In all honesty, I know the prices are high, but I would go with the pro V or the pro V1x. They're just superior golf balls in every way. Go see a certified fitter or you can buy a sleeve of both and test them yourself. Sounds like you're going to want a ball that doesn't spin as much off the tee. Less spin off the tee means your tee shots may not go as far off line.
    Best of luck!
  3. David -
    I also play the Velocity, as I don't like losing $5.00 golf balls. The Velocity has great distance, reasonable feel, and it doesn't roll out that much into the green. The e6 does roll out more, but is generally straighter than most other golf balls. I like the Velocity for distance, feel, and control around the green.
    Ray H.
  4. Thanks guys. I like the Velocity, but also tried the DT Trusoft and find it quite similar except it has less run out. I think I'll keep playing the Trusoft!

  5. David T

    David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

    No ball recommendation but how did we get the same screen name?
  6. David T said:

    No ball recommendation but how did we get the same screen name?

    My account log in is not David T, it is just what is shown in the discussion.


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