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  1. Which ball is softer for irons and putter???

  2. Pro V1. Vs Pro V1X
  3. Pro v1x-bigger swing speed with this ball gives better distance
  4. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    ProV1 will have a softer feel / sound vs ProV1x
  5. The Pro V1 has a very soft feel off the face, on all shots. The soft feel around the greens is second to none.
  6. Gotta love the ProV. The performance is amazing tee to green
  7. ProV1 for me. I have tried ProV1x and really stuck with them for a season. Always found myself missing the feel of the ProV1. For me it's all about the feel that gives me confidence. Never could hang on to it with the ProV1x.
  8. Same
  9. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I have tried several golf balls within the Titleist family this year. Plus I have experimented with a ball from one of the other major companies. For me, day in and day out, year round in all different conditions; the ProV1 works best for my game (64 years old, 5.8 index, over 100 rounds per year). And now it is available in yellow, which is even better. There is not a better golf ball.
  10. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    The Pro V1 has a softer feel than the Pro V1X. I prefer the feel of the Pro V1X, get a sleeve of both and decide for yourself.
  11. Scott P

    Scott P

    I prefer the pro v1x for the less spin into greens. I shoot for distance, not spin back which is hard to judge... just sayin’
  12. JAM


    I have been playing the last generation Pro V1 and have been very happy with it. This weekend I was given a 2-pack of the AVX which is advertised to offer "remarkable distance", exceptional soft feel, and very low long game and iron spin." I will put it play on Thursday and see if I will be converted.
  13. Robert C

    Robert C

    I prefer the Pro V1. I roll out very little with my irons and I love the soft feel off the putter face. While my new Scotty Cameron is hotter off the face, I still never have to worry about the putts springing off the face.
  14. I tend to play a 20 yard draw and so I have found the spinnier balls to be advantageous off of the tee as opposed to the lower spin avx. I hate how much I spin my wedges on full shots but I don’t get the green side check up with the abc that I like in the pro v1 and pro v1x... so counter intuitively the spiny balls help everywhere but full wedge shots. My shot type is digger as I tend to have a descending blow on the ball and do not pick or sweep the ball. Haven’t found the perfect ball yet but I had some luck with a Bridgestone ball. Haven’t converted yet but I’m still in the hunt.
  15. John V

    John V
    Naples, FL

    Been there and I have worked on accepting the AVX as my ball of choice over the Bridgestones.
  16. PRO•V 1 is the best ball all things considered. I put 30 in my shag bag so I can keep my chipping consistent. Substandard balls don't check around the green as well.
  17. PRO•V 1 is the best ball all things considered. I put 30 in my shag bag so I can keep my chipping consistent. Substandard balls don't check around the green as well.
  18. Pro V1 will sound (feel) softer on most any kind of shot. If you have a strong preference for that, then you might want Pro V1.

    But I'd recommend making sure the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are both equally performing for you on full swings and around the green. If the Pro V1x happens to work a lot better for you than Pro V1 in terms of trajectory, spin and distance it might be worth using even though it makes a bit more of a click off the putter.

    For my part, I can give up a little bit of feel if it means hitting more shots closer to the hole!
  19. James S

    James S
    Roseville, CA

    I thought the Pro V1x was the correct ball for me. It is low spin off the driver, not as soft feel etc., etc. But, I was having trouble with my approach shots getting to where I thought/ expected they should land. I am a high spin, high ball hitter so I assumed the Pro V1x was perfect. It wasn't until I went to a fitting last month that I learned I was wrong. While the Pro V1x is low spin off the driver, it has a higher ball flight than the Pro V1 and especially the AVX. It is also higher and has more spin on approach shots into the green (hence my constant misreads). I have been mixing it up between the Pro V1 and the AVX and am going to give one more month of research before I decide to which one I am switching.
  20. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Golf is a game of feel. I like the feel of the Prov1 and I do not create much spin on a ball. I was fitted for this ball a number of years ago and have stuck with it.
  21. I played the prov1x over a span of 12 years from high school to college to mini tour golf... I switched to ProV1 over the last 2 years (mostly because I won 3 dozen) and it has really given more feel and spin control with my wedges.. I thought the spin would be too hard to control but boy was I wrong. Unless you're playing very soft and responsive greens, they're money. Which is pretty rare unless it just rained. They've helped me learn to control my knockdown shots more.
  22. Have used the fitting tool, and it recommended the ProV1X. I have previously only played the ProV1. I have not seen the results with the ProV1X—- so have switched back to ProV1- due to the soft feel and control with my irons/wedges. Still have a couple doz ProV1X to use up.
    Overall- I just can’t use another ball- I have the see that Titleist name looking down on my drives/putts. A confidence & comfort of knowing what the ball will do.
  23. I have played titleist for many years. Normally I prefer the pro v1, but in hot weather I use the pro v1x. Been experimenting with Taylor Made TP5 and 5x, don't see much difference.
    I found a titleist avx and played it by mistake, thinking it was a pro v1. I was hitting it further than the pro v1 but not sure why.

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