2019 Pro V1 Golf Ball Fitting Stories from the Road

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Hey Team Titleist,

    As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited for the upcoming launch of the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x. We’ve been going non-stop testing prototypes, launching the balls on TOUR, taking over the Pro Am at the RSM Classic and watching Charles Howell III capture the first win for the new Pro V1 on the PGA TOUR.

    It has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. And to add to the excitement, our golf ball fitting vans have been hosting some events across the country with a special twist – they’ve been fitting golfers into the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.

    Luke Staudt, one of our expert fitters, sent us a quick note from the road after a recent event in Orlando with some great fitting stories and we wanted to share them with you. Check out the highlights below, and if you’ve been to one of our fittings, we’d love to hear your story too!

    • • •

    Joe H. has recently been playing a golf ball from another brand. This comes after several years of playing a ball from the Pro V1 franchise. He found that the lower-spinning nature of the was beneficial in windy conditions as well as with the driver. When conducting our fitting, I found that Joe — a high-flight, high-spin player — achieved more optimal flight conditions with Pro V1. He was pleased to hear that the 2019 Pro V1 will address prior concerns related to driver performance. I also urged Joe to keep a close eye on short game control when comparing these two golf balls. He was excited to revisit Pro V1, especially considering the key improvements built into the 2019 model.

    • • •

    Eddie P. has played Pro V1 for many years, dating back to his competitive playing days in college. When talking with Eddie about what held priority when choosing a golf ball, he immediately mentioned short game feel. In addition, he enjoys seeing the ball have a more penetrating flight in the iron play. Pro V1 checked both of these boxes. Eddie still gravitated towards Pro V1 on the 50-yard shot, and found that Pro V1 flew through more of an ideal window visually. This served as confirmation that Eddie is in the correct model.

    • • •

    Brian M. came to our fitting with the intention of finding out whether Pro V1 or Pro V1x would be best for his game. He most commonly plays Pro V1.  Brian, originally from Ireland, has always had a lower ball flight.  He now splits his time between Ireland and Florida.  Over time, developing a higher ball flight has been a goal of his.  When working with Brian, we found improved iron trajectory numbers (spin and carry) with Pro V1x. He was pleased to hear that short game performance would not skip a beat with Pro V1x, as he mentioned the following: “To me, the green is everything.”


  2. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Thanks for sharing. It is great to read up on the fittings of the general public and how the Pro V1 franchise helps them achieve optimal performance on the course.

  3. Chris J

    Chris J
    Winter Haven, FL

    Thanks for the info. I look forward to trying the new ProV1. One day recently, Infound a sleeve of Logo balls never used from Grenelefe and the were the older model 392. Wow, I loved the way that ball checks with wedges. Felt really spinny. Seems like my current model played and felt a little harder. Would love to spin like the old version. I still remember playing the Professional 90 and while a technology age ago, that ball was a terror with the short game.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Just got back from playing 94 holes in 3 days at Bandon Oregon. Lost two 2019 protos and gave 4 others away to potential Titleist converts. Thanks for the opportunity to test these and spread the word.
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  5. Sure would like to see some fittings in Central Oregon! Bend Oregon has some wonderful golf courses, and plenty of players that would benefit from ball and club fittings!
  6. Oh wow do I really miss Bend.
    Aspen Lakes, Juniper, Eagle Crest, Broken Top, and many many more. I loved the Tuesday money game at Crooked River Ranch which is a short little course but still had some teeth, great little course to learn how to go low on. One summer I made it to the finals in the Juniper match play championship and the club championship at Aspen Lakes in the same month. I think I had something like 9 competitive matches in a row between those two courses.
    There were always a ton of great players there too, I remember thinking I had shot a course record once with a first round 63, only to find out that it wasn't even the low round of the day lol.
  7. I found the Pro V1x to fly a little higher & since I am playing in the hills of Tennessee now I need the extra height . Yea, getting older. I love the feel pitching,chipping & putting. Shot my first even par round this year with the ProV1x. Gotta love that.
  8. I love pro v 1 it's the best around
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Maybe I can try them at the PGA merchandise show in Orlando at the end of January.
  10. Can’t wait for the new Pro Vs? I have been a Titleist
    Player for over 50 years? Nothing like driving a new Titleist. Many golf equipment companies has crossed my path but nothing compares from drivers, irons, golf balls and all Titleist equipment. It’s the best and continues getting better!
    Your loyal Titleist player.
    Emil R
  11. I'm very upset at Titleist for having what I thought was a true Holiday special on their Pro V1 and X when all along they were just getting rid of old inventory to make way for a new product. I have enough new (old) balls to last most of the summer. Thanks for the bait and hook.
  12. Phil G

    Phil G
    Orlando, FL

    I was fit right after Brian M. Titleist, you guys do an awesome job! I had been fit for all of my clubs at a Titleist thursday fitter here in Orlando. He had told me that I had a high trajectory ball flight and the ProV 1 was the right ball for me. After my ball fitting they said the same thing. It was great to have another set of eyes tell me the same thing. Titleist your products are awesome and your customer service is even better, again thanks!
  13. Although I have been on the Titleist Advisory Board for over two years now, I have yet been granted the opportunity to demo any of your clubs or balls. I would appreciate the opportunity to 'test' some of your products and report back via this forum.
  14. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    I understand that feeling Bob. Feel the same way. I would love to test the new Titleist ball. I am one who does everything I am supposed to do. I would not fail the company. I would be very precise in my testing and return the feedback in a quick manner.
  15. I’ve been around golf for 50 years can’t wait for the chance to demo the title it’s products
  16. My bag is Titleist & includes all Titleist Woods Hybrids thru Driver. I also play the ProV1X Balls. Look forward for opportunity to demo the new Prov1X Balls or new Titleist Irons/Driver!
  17. So how about trying a coastal windy golf course? Florence Golf Links gets very windy in the spring and summer...I have always played Titleist golf balls ,started golf in 1956, but with the winds here the older ProV1 have too much spin and do not bore through the wind. I just bought a box of the 2019 ProV1s and will try them in a week of so. I am 72 and a 16 handicap but working my way back to a 10 or less after 15 years of not playing.
  18. Here in New England winter is still in strong hold of our weather and spring is a ways off. I look forward to full launch of the Pro V in yellow so we can order them customized with the TT logo.
  19. Shane D

    Shane D
    Edmond, OK

    Had a fitting in early January for the 2019 proto balls. Have been playing the v1x for over a year. Switched to it from the srxn Xv. Have noticed over this last year a few shots every couple rounds would just float up in the air and I would come up short. Fitting with trackman and our local Titleist rep showed me that I’m spinning the ball too much with my irons. Switched into the 2019 pro V1 and had 3 birdies on my first round. Ball feels great and I’m hitting my normal yardages during summer on 50 deg rounds with wind. Looking to be about a full club longer Can’t wait to play more this year.
  20. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    Great report
  21. I just switched to the AVX at the end of last season. I like the feel of the ball but I played all last year with a bad hip. Now replaced. Can't wait to hit it healthy.

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