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By TUrreta

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  1. Does anyone have a feel for ball fitting events in the northern Virginia area for the coming season? My quandary - with all the new ball releases and types I think I need to recalibrate which ball I use. The idea of trying to do an in-play comparison of them all would probably take me into the next round of new balls.

    Exciting time and great stuff by Titleist - not to find the ball I want.

  2. I hate typing!!!!!!!!!
    Meant to write - "Exciting time and great stuff by Titleist - HOT to find the ball I want.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Like Spring, the demo's, ball fitting events, and Titleist Thursdays haven't moved far enough north, yet. You could try the 1757 Club to see if they plan on any ball fittings before 4/22 so you can take advantage of the 4-4-3 Loyalty program.
  4. Great idea- thanks. I should have thought of 1757 - my mind must still be hibernating!
  5. Does titleist have a ball fitting in south Florida

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