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By DCake

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  1. I talked to edwin watts store about trying the AVX, they inferred that since I have a higher arc on ball flight, AVX may not be appropriate but that its better for distance but still soft around greens??? dont know whether to try or not- its about same price point as pro V1, Distance and touch around greens important for me, Anyone try and can suggest to use or not? 10 handicap. Cakie

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    It never hurts to try a different ball, as long as it's a Titleist ball! Buy a sleeve of AVXs and try them out, you might just like them so much you make the switch.
  3. I really like the feel of them and the distance and flight of the ball but you need to find out for yourself if you're going to like it.
  4. BCH


    Wish you the best in finding the best fitting Titleist ball for you. There are many choices and I suggest you test them out.

    Personally, I found the AVX to spin less, travel further at a lower trajectory and play softer on the face with putter and chip shots. For me, it is the best ball according to my needs.

    In the end different strokes for different folks. If you like a softer feel; if you swing at a slower swing speed and need a distance boost; the AVX may be the ball for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your final choice!
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You should get a sleeve or 2 and do the green to tee trial. I was fitted twice this year with a Trackman (once on mats, the other on turf) and in both cases the AVX edged the Pro-V1. Both beat out the Pro-V1x on mats. What was different for me was ball spin was identical with a 48 wedge. Most will have a lower spin with the AVX. Your result will vary.
  6. I’ve played this avx and I like the feel in putting and fairways, driving!! On my drives I out drive my computing by twenty yards, so far . I put my balls in a balancing machine, for the true equator .
  7. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I'm a Pro V1x guy, but reading the comments, I think I'll try a sleeve of the AVX.
  8. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    In my experience the AVX flies lower and further than the ProV1. Obviously I like hitting it noticeably further, but there's two things about the AVX that keep me from switching.

    1. The ball comes out much lower than usual. I'll make contact and look up to spot my ball flying, and I see nothing. After a quick moment I see the ball, but it's in a much lower window than normal. It's something I could get over, but still a little unsettling.

    2. My greenside control isn't as good with AVX as it is with ProV1. When I need to hit a skip and check shot, or a flop that parachutes down and plops like a sack of sand, the AVX doesn't do it for me. I generate enough spin and descent angle that I can stop it with a full swing, but when I'm hitting those delicate shots around the green (the ones that make or break a round) I can't seem to get the ball to do what I want it to.

    Ultimately you need to play the ball that's best for you. If you don't hit spinny chips and don't mind a lower flight, then maybe the AVX is for you.
  9. Bob S

    Bob S
    Kamloops, BC

    Has anyone tried the new Titleist EXP PM P 01 ball?
  10. Scott w

    Scott w
    pittsburgh, PA

    Today is the first I am hearing about it.... not even sure it officially launched …..I cannot locate anything about it (thinking it is in the category range of Velocity and such..not on par with Prov1 or AVX
  11. Placed my order and waiting patiently.
  12. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    No sir, enlighten us.......
  13. Rick A

    Rick A
    Roseburg, OR

    I'm a high ball hitter myself and the AVX was noticeably lower than my usual flight. As folks have already stated, you may as well try it and see if it suits you. For me, it was long off the tee and terrific into the wind.
  14. I really like how the AVX brought my ball flight down and since it spins less my shot dispersion is tighter.
  15. i've been playing the AVX all summer. i've picked up at least 10 yards on my drive and my irons are more piercing that with the prov1x. i've also just ordered the exp01 to try. i would suggest if you can't drop 50 bucks to find the best ball for your game you're playing the wrong game. the ball is used on every shot where any one of your clubs may sit in your bag throughout a whole round.
  16. Glenn F

    Glenn F
    Pittsburgh, PA

    I’m also a high ball hitter so the lower flight of the AVX works well for me. I get enough green side spin with my Vokey wedges so the lower spin doesn’t bother me.
    I can’t always judge distances as well as when I played Pro V1’s exclusively but I think I’m going to stick with the AVX.
  17. Spoke to the Titleist reps at a recent ball fitting at Pinehurst Resort. At his suggestion I have played two rounds with the Pro V1x instead of the Pro V1. I had not liked the firmer feel of the V1x but the rep convenience me that the extra spin and higher trajectory of the V1x would be better for my game. I did not have time to participate in the actual fitting sessions using Tracman.

    So far I think he was right! I seem to stopping the ball much better on the greens now after several rounds of play.
  18. I find the AVX is a very good ball for me . I'm 65, a former pretty good golfer struggling to hold a 3 handicap. My swing speed has slooooowed down and the AVX is more forgiving and still results in pretty good distance off the tee and a more boring flight for a guy who used to hit it "tall". If you're older (slower) and still a "playuh", you might want to consider these. Yeh, somebody said they aren't too good for "spinny" chips that check up- I rarely try THAT anymore - relying on the guile of the "dead hands" method of trying to drop them in softly, so that's not an important factor for me anymore.
    Oh, and they really do move into the wind really well while maintaining good distance- a really nice ball overall.
  19. SBarton


    I love the AVX I get a better ball flight and the soft touch around the greens is awesome and it putts lovely. Definitely my preferred ball now. Would recommend getting a sleeve and giving them a go..
  20. I have switched from ProV1 to the AVX and glad I did. ProV1's are excellent balls but I actually like the ball flight and distance I am getting with the AVX. I think so many players choose the ProV1 just because that is what many pro's are using. Don't get caught up in what the pro's use just for the sake of saying you are using the same ball the pro's use. I can not hit the ball the same as any pro, no matter what ball I hit so I'm not concerned with matching up with them. Choose a ball that fits "your" game and one that you have confidence in.
  21. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    I agree with with most of the posters. If you are looking to lower your ball flight, the AVX is worth a try.

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