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By Anthony W

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  1. Anthony W

    Anthony W
    Granbury, TX


    What’s the best ball for a 10 year old junior golfer? He’s a good player who consistently shoots 71-78 on the course from the forward tees. He’s played Tour Speed balls but if I can get him any more advantage I’m open to suggestions.

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  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Get him fitted for the correct ball.
    My son now 14 has been playing a ProV1x since he was 10 or so.
    We did a Titleist ball fitting at a local golf course.
    As your son grows and learns more about the game having the proper gear will save him shots on the course.

    Dr. K
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Tour Speed is the next best option to a Pro-V line, as it is a urethane cover. He can focus on approach shots to the greens. Start with a Pro-V1 and use both if it doesn’t impact pace of play. AVX would be a softer feel but wouldn’t offer as much spin control with a lower flight. But certainly an option.

    It’s no different than for any of us. We need to do trial and error to find the combination to get the ball in the hole the quickest. Driver distance doesn’t help if approach shots are outside of 20 feet to the hole. So there is no ball “designated for juniors”. Like new golfers at any age, losing a half dozen balls a round can temper a recommendation for a tour level urethane ball. Doesn’t sound like this applies to your son.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Seems like he is getting rather positive results with the ball he is using. I would continue with it for a while if he likes it. The ball that is best is one that he is comfortable with and plays his best.
  5. I agree with Don, the Tour Speed is a great ball for younger players that are up and coming with a slightly lower price point. If budget is no issue then move into AVX, ProV1 or ProV1x....

  6. I’d say to stick with the Tour Speed for now. If he is playing competitively, then definitely wait for the off-season (if there is one) to test other balls. Patience in making the switch will be key. Good luck!
  7. Chas U

    Chas U

    I’ve found most juniors fit into ProV1X but the best thing any golfer can do is play the same golf ball. If he’s playing Tour Speed now and likes it, keep playing it. ProV1X is going to offer much more of an advantage around the greens.
  8. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Sounds like he's developed a pretty good feel for the game already, so let him decide. Get him a sleeve of several and see what he comes up with, like a blind test. After a few rounds tell him you're gonna get him a dozen balls for a gift and see which one he asks for.
  9. Trying to see what the difference in the tour speed vs the tour soft. I’m a 12 hdcp with 85 mph swing speed?
  10. John G

    John G
    New Jersey

    The biggest thing is feel. If he thinks he needs more spin or can get more spin maybe try the Prov1x. If he finds that to hard the TP5 is also a very good ball that will spin more than the tour speed, also try to find one that will launch high because angle of descent and height is also very important. Both of those are great and will offer similar or longer driver distance and more spin on irons and wedges.
  11. Anthony W

    Anthony W
    Granbury, TX

    Thank you all so much!!

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