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By Pagie

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  1. Just became a Scotty Cameron club member. Ever since I got the member package with a new putter head cover I’ve been actively looking for some of the limited edition ones. Just recently picked up the Puttator Tot. Anyone have any that are limited?

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  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    I have a few, but my favourites are the Hula's.
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  3. AYip


    HI, I am thinking about joining. I was wondering if there any extra fees/charges such as duties and taxes for the membership gift and/or purchasing stuff afterwards. Thanks!
  4. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Here is what it cost me... first they ship everything FedEx sign up for a billing account then they wave the processing fee. Have the number ready when the driver delivers just incase he is looking for money.

    $119 Kit
    $39.93 shipping
    $158.93 USD

    $9.89 CDN only GST living in Alberta

    In order to get the limited releases 90% of the time you have to be online refreshing when they are dropped or you wont get one. Releases are usually the tuesday of the event week. They sell out in two or three minutes.
  5. AYip


    Great, thank you for the info. Helps a lot!
  6. My Scotty putter and head cover collection are stranded at the office, while I work from home. Just bought a head cover rack too, so I can get things out of boxes and on display. My favourites are my Toronto Maple Leafs special event cover and 2003 Maple Leaf cover

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  7. William Glancy

    William Glancy

    be careful! it's a very expensive addiction with essentially no ceiling on prices. what starts with a 300 dollar newport and a 100 dollar custom cover for it can quickly become tour only obsession and a second mortgage... lol.

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