Christmas Wishes ?

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    It is getting a little late to ensure Santa gets your list... What Titleist items are on your list for Santa to put under the tree for you this year ? I am keeping mine simple and hoping for some yellow ProV1 golf balls :)

  2. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    My X-Mas wish would be for a very short winter!

    Tillsonburg, ON

    I'm hoping for T300 5-GW, but I'm pretty sure I'm on the naughty list and won't get them.
  4. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    My wish is for everyone to stay healthy. A wish for myself would be to witness a hole-in-one! Either mine or someone in my group.

    Merry Christmas TT'ers.
  5. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    A dozen Prov1s.....that last all season......playing 3 times a week! LOL
  6. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    My wish is for a record for best weathered, longest golf season in Calgary and to stay healthy during it.
  7. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    T100 and sm8
  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    Wish good health for all TT members, long golf season and new set of T100’s. Good chance I get the T100’s because I’m paying
  9. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

    Enjoy the Holiday Season everyone and remember, just be safe out there! Cheers!
  10. richard f

    richard f

    Decent weather so we can get out and play

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