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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    With all the new club offerings coming out from Titleist there will undoubtedly be a lot of new orders flowing through. One thing that everyone needs to decide when getting new clubs is the grip choice. Myself - I like the CP2 from Golf Pride. The grip feels good in my hands and seems to wear well. In fact - I played over 70 rounds this year and I am confident that my grips will last at least another season. My question to my friends at TT is - "How often do you change your grips?" Do you change them every winter when the stores have their grips on sale ? Do you leave them with the pro shop to have them re-gripped at the end of the season ? Perhaps you do it yourself ? Or do you just simply stick with the grips the club came with and never change them ? Myself - I tend to change once every other season and like to do it myself during the off season so when I go out in the spring I have that feel of fresh grips for a fresh start to the season :)

  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Great question Darius, I too use the Golf Pride CP2 grips. I change them every spring after a long winter it gets me excited for the season to come. I buy them durning GT grip sale or from Golfworks and wait until my garage gets warmer to replace them. After 4 years in a proshop it doesn't take me long to do a set.
  3. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

    When GolfSmith was in Mississauga a several years back and decided to leave, they had a sale on their entire inventory and I offered $1.00 each for OEM Titleist brand full chord grips (they're $20.00 each through GolfTown... go figure) and bought the entire inventory of over 120 grips. That was back maybe 2005 ??. I still have enough to replace the entire set for the next few years. The good thing about Full Chord Grips is if they get to the point where you 'think' they require replacing, simply rub them with a very heavy grit sand paper and they'll feel like new, especially on a hot sweaty day. Give your hands a workout.... play full chords and watch the callus' grow.

    Tillsonburg, ON

    I like the Golf Pride MCC +4 midsize. I try to change them every couple years. I've never worked in a pro shop so I have the pro at my local course do it. He is a former student of mine so he does it for nothing.
  5. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I use Golf Pride MCC +4 since they came out. Love the feel when they are new, but find that they wear down quicker than other grips out there. I change all the grips once a year ( do it myself), and probably change my 8 iron, 6 iron, and pitching wedge twice a year. I hit my driver quit a bit during practice sessions, so I change the driver grip probably 3 times during the year as well.
  6. I usually switch irons before I wear out the grips.:)
    As I am getting older I seem to be using the oversized grips more. Easier to hold.
  7. Dennis B

    Dennis B
    New Lowell, ON

    I like to change mine every other year. Drop them off when G/T has their grip deal on. I like the mcc always with red.
  8. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    Golf Pride, New Decade, 3 wraps. And like Dennis, always with red.
  9. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    I change my wedges twice a yr and other clubs once
  10. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    I use the Golf Pride CP2 Midsize grips. I went with the Red, white, and black colour scheme to keep with the Titleist colour scheme. I really like them, I played over 100 rounds with them last season and I think they are still good for this season. Next year I will change them out.
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Hey there has been a while and thought I would drop in and say say the Golf Pride MCC +4 Midsize.....for an old guy like myself love that feel and they wear extremely well.......with these grips, I keep them pretty clean and they last more than a year.......when ordering new equipment from Titleist, I have them leave their grips off and get these from my local repair discount......of course have been away from the game for a number of months. Sciatic nerve, had series of injections November thru January, and finally surgery in February. You all have the cold and snow and I have the four walls and this back brace. Hope to return to golf sometime in May, taking baby steps then maybe actually playing in June. In the meantime watching a lot of golf and walking two to three miles a day.......might actually start walking again once this ordeal is over........ My new T300 irons are setting in the corner with tears in their eyes.....ha..ha..ha...hope are well up the gods country....cheers....chuck....

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