Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

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By Mike

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  1. Mike


    I was just fitted for AP2 irons with KBS C-Taper X flex shafts +1/2, 2 degrees upright.    In researching it appears that I could buy almost new irons (hit 5 times, same lie), brand new shafts for my specs and have them put into the clubs for a much lower price than buying everything brand new.  Additionally, shafts coming out of irons would be KBS Tour, X flex same length.    

    My question is what issues I am introducing in going that route vs. buying brand new?   I want to purchase the right way but also could use the extra money to upgrade driver/ fairways. 

    Thanks in advance.  

  2. Cameron D

    Cameron D
    Newport, RI


    If you are buying them anywhere other than an authorized Titleist retailer, you bring in the possibility of purchasing a counterfeit set.  One other issue is that there won't be any warranty associated with the second hand set.  



  3. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Concur with Cameron.

    The cost of reshafting the club is approx $17 labor plus the price of the shaft and grip (assuming a Titleist grip is a bit more pricey - about $12-15).  I believe the cost of a Project X or KBS Tour Shaft is about $36 each.   So let's say about $65 per club for the shafts and whatever price you paid for the irons (the low price for a set of AP2 irons is $450 or so on eBay). $115 per club with price of the irons plus the reshaft.

    The cost of a set of AP2 irons is $1000 or so.  That's $110 per club. 



  4. Mike


    Thanks for the feedback, makes sense.  It doesn't appear that the $ savings associated with building vs. buying a set of irons to my specs will be significant enough to offset not having a warranty or not knowing the history of the used the clubs.  

  5. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    The time when it makes better sense to reshaft is when you are doing it to a set of clubs you already own (then the club cost is $0). 

    The $17 labor is $5 to pull the head, $10 to assemble, $2 for grip install. 

    I had a set of Eye 2 irons (5-PW) that I had reshafted to TT Lite XL regular from a mixed bundle.  I was able to get the install for free since the shipment was delayed.  The price of TT Lite XL is about $9/shaft.  I was charged for a regrip/cut.    The cost per club was $25 including pull head, shaft, grip install and shaft cut.

    Also, in buying used clubs, you should already know what shaft works.  

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