What is Estimated Distance Loss/Gain from Incorrect AP2 712 Iron Length Fit?

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By Shivas18

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  1. Shivas18

    Fargo, ND

    Please give this question some serious thought before answering.

    If a player has standard Titleist lofts and a correct lie... how much distance will be lost by not being able to strike the optimum "sweet spot" on the club face if the correct length of the club is supposed to be:

    1) 1" shorter?

    2) 1/2" shorter?

    3) 1" longer?

    4) 1/2" longer?

    I ask this, because I am losing about one club distance with my Titleist AP2 712 irons.  I've learned to play the distance loss effectively, but think that something is wrong.  My average driver distance is 270.  Thank you.

  2. Cameron D

    Cameron D
    Newport, RI


    Generally, if the club is too long you may consistently see impact marks towards the heal. Clubs that are too short, impact marks toward the toe.  Impact marks that are all over the club face will indicate too long or just inconsistent lengths.  The amount of how off-center those hits will be can be player dependent and the loss of carry distance will vary on club model. 

    We have found that the average loss of carry distance when you are 1/4" off-center for AP1 is 2.3 yards, AP2 is 2.4 yards, and CB/MB is 3.5 yards.  The average loss of carry distance when you are 1/2" off-center for AP1 is 7.2 yards, AP2 is 7.6 yards, and CB/MB is 10 yards. 

    I would recommend you get your lengths checked by a Club Fitter, who can determine if that is the reason for the loss of distance.  Hope this helped.



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