XP95 s300 vs DG S300

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By Alex Z

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  1. Alex Z
    Toronto, ON

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    Hey folks,

    Does anyone out there know what the differences between the two would be. I am currently playing with the DGS300 but I am looking at switching into the 714 AP1's with the XP95 s300.


  2. Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

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    The XPs are about 30 grams lighter... I'd consider looking at the KBS Tour 90 or Project PXi as well if you are looking for lighter weight shafts.  In general, lighter shafts will help send the ball higher by either launch angle or increased spin. 


  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    When I upgraded my AP2s to the 714 model, my fitter changed my shafts from PX 5.5 STIFF to the XP 95 S300 STIFF,  which he said at my age (68) I really needed a lighter shaft.  I can launch the ball much higher than before with the new clubs which is a good thing.  I am a picker so I do not put much spin on the ball and the extra loft helps my ball on the green.  I have not lost any distance with them, in fact with the height I think I might have pick up a yard or two.      

  4. NCBob
    Hampstead, NC

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    The lighter shaft will create a little more clubbed speed.  I went that route several years ago and my shots are a lot higher and carry farther.  have a fitter check you out to make sure that is what you need.  

  5. Listentomewine
    Valencia, CA

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    I tried S300's on my AP2's.  I have a naturally low ball flight and they didn't work at all for me.  Piercing trajectory but no spin.  Moved to the XP95's and now with a Pro-V1 I am spinning 6 & 7 irons.  Works for me, but get fit.  My next shafts will more than likely be a Steel Fiber shaft.  Love the feel, weight and ball flight.  Coming off of an extruded fragment between L4 & L5 from a year and half ago.  Every once in awhile I feel it, even with the XP-95's.

    Just love my AP2's with the XP95.

  6. Matthew P
    Spring, TX

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    the DGs300 will be heavier and will flight lower and spin less. the XP95 will be lighter and flight higher and spin more.. 

  7. Ron B
    Macon, MO

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    I am considering making an appointment online for Titleist fitting. Is there a charge for this or obligation to purchase?

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