Iron Shafts - 716 AP1 & AP2

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By Doug F

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  1. Doug F
    St.Petersburg, FL

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    I have been going back and forth on this for months between getting fit indoors through Golfsmith versus outdoors. Everyone that I have worked with has been great. Bottom line is getting fit outdoors is a must ! Currently play with 714 AP2 - Nippon NS Pro 970 Shaft Stiff Flex - 1/2 inch over standard. I have played with this shaft and length for over 10 years. I am 57 years old and not getting any younger. Was fitted today outdoors by Titleist for the XP90 Shaft R300 staying with 1/2 over standard. i was very impressed with this shaft. Tried KBS 90 Regular and others. Hit a few hundred balls and very confident that I have the right shaft for me with a good ball flight. As I got tired I hit it even better. Going with the 716 AP2 irons, but will have 716 AP1 irons as well to go back and forth. Both with XP90 R300. Thank you Titleist !!!

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    Did you try the DG AMT R300 and if so how did you find them?
    I need to sort which to get for my new AP2 set 5-pw and T-MB 3-4...fitters say it´s a matter of preference in my case
  3. Doug F
    St.Petersburg, FL

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    I tried DG AMT R300 indoors at an indoor fitting at Golfsmith and it was tough to tell the ball flight. I did a Titleist Fitting outdoors a few weeks later and the Titleist Fitter felt they were going to be heavier than what I was normally used to having in my irons NS Pro 970 S300. We settled on the XP90 R300 after looking at the ball flight etc. I am 6ft tall and have been playing 1/2 inch over standard length shafts as well for the last 11 years so I ordered the same 1/2 inch over standard length in the XP90 R300.
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    Thanks Doug

    I have ordered the irons in XP90 S300 but thinking if I should change it to XP95.
    Afraid if XP90 will be too light and launch to high
    Ball flight After fitting not revealing which to go for really
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    Thst sounds like an awsome setup Doug. I'll be at an outdoor demo day on Wednesday and hope to hit the AP1 with that exact shaft with the same flex and length.
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    Recently acquired set of 716 ap1's with xp90 r300's. Hit them 1st time today outside. Only way I could flight them properly was to really pay at Th to my connection and bury my trail shoulder into " the back of the balk". More normal previously good swing pattern produced a very low but straight shot, longer than my normal gamers. Not the trajectory I want, but really connecting arms/ Swallowing shaft on downswing and burying trail shoulder into back of ball produced an incredibly long and medium height flight. But harder work.

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