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By Michael F

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    I'm looking at buying new clubs and mixing up my iron set. PW-6 in the AP2 and 5-4 in the T-MB. The reason for mixing things up is that I've got a reducing gap in my irons as I go up in length. The T-MB's have 1 degree stronger lofts and reportedly have 3-4% more ball speed off the face than the AP2s. They also launch a little higher which I like with the longer irons. I'm wondering if I should go strong on my AP2 lofts, at least in the 7 & 6 irons in order to maintain more consistent gaps.

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    I would also suggest you consider the AP1's for your 5 and 4....I did it and it is awesome.
  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Chris92009 said:

    I would also suggest you consider the AP1's for your 5 and 4....I did it and it is awesome.

    Have played with Chris and after hitting his AP1 four iron and saw the distance and accuracy, I bought a full set of AP1s. I was playing AP2s set up 1* strong on every club but no match for the new AP1s.
  4. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    Hi Michael,
    I like your thoughts about the mixed set of irons. I too am starting to think about doing something similar (T-MB's for long irons and MB's for the mid-short irons). I think you are right in considering the lofts on the 6 & 7 irons as you mentioned.

    However, you may wish to give some serious consideration to a full on fitting session as it can give you access to the trackman and its associated data on distances, etc. This, I found, was very helpful in terms of determining a complementary gap for my irons (all through the bag, including wedges).

    In addition of course, you can avail yourself of several new shafts to determine their effects on your distances, flight/trajectory, etc. which may or may not impact the loft choices that you are considering.

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    I didn't do the full fitting, just some work with a Titleist rep at my club. I already play the 710 AP2's but have shrinking gaps on the longer irons. I was thinking mixing with the AP1's. The rep said the T-MB's have similar head size and look (from address) but produce higher ball speed and loft with the same forgiveness. Sounded ideal. We did play with shafts and lie angles but didn't use trackman. If I start noticing some odd gaps, it doesn't cost much to adjust a loft here or there.
  6. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    Take your time on this decision. I played all blades for years, only to jump to the AP2's a few years ago.....Tried the CB's and the MB's. I chose wisely, but didn't rush to judgement. As others have said, many factors involved......For me, I wish Vokey made a full set!....LOL
  7. JAM

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    I recently purchased a combo set of irons from Titleist. I went with the 3, 4 and 5 T-MB's and the 6-PW MB's. I love the set. Regarding lofts, I went one degree weak on the T-MB's and standard on the MB's. I did go through a complete fitting process. Titleist is the finest golf equipment company IMHO.
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    Did you keep the shafts all the same in the irons? Or did the use different shafts in the TMB long irons.
  9. Chris F
    Murrieta, CA

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    I got fitted for Irons and hybrid's at the Titleist Performance Institute. I am a 5 handicap. They fitted me for the AP-2 irons. I chose the 6 through pitching wedge. For the longer clubs I tried the AP-1 and TM-B. I ended up getting the 3, 4, and 5 hybrid's. The 3 is 19°. The 4 is 23°. The 5 is 26°. I liked the fact that the lofts were adjustable so that I did not end up with a gap between the 5 hybrid and the 6 iron. The 5 hybrid is very easy to hit high and soft. It comes out of deep rough very easily. I have found it to be a very good addition to my bag. If you like hybrid's this is a very good way to go. The hybrid's hit the ball very straight and with good height making them very easy to play.
  10. Chris F
    Murrieta, CA

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    I just got the Vokey limited 64° wedge. It makes short siding almost fun. Since my hybrid's are adjustable on some courses I leave out one hybrid and adjust the lofts on the others so that I can put the 64° in play. You cannot do that with the TM-B.
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    I play full set T-MB 3i-PW with Fujikura MCI 100g stiff shafts. I tried mixing T-MB with Titleist Korean spec Forged AP-1 but after several rounds, went back to full set T-MB. T-MB long irons are unmatched by any club on the market and with 3i hitting 210+ their is no need for a hybrid.. T-MB short irons are just as good as any 1-piece forged iron. I also hit C16 at demo day and can confidantly say T-MB is as easy to hit as C16 but is noticeably longer than C16. Full set T-MB is the way to go.
  12. Seb Apremont
    New London, NC

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    I was having some shorter gaping to when I got to the 5 iron. I was playing 712 ap's at the time. Looking to buy 716 ap2's I tried the T-MB 5 iron. The new design and stronger loft gave me the carry distance and height I needed. So I purchased the 716 ap'2 and strengthend my new 716 ap2 6 iron 1 degree to get gaping perfect. I didn't want to try the ap1 5 iron because of the different look at address. It worked for me.
  13. Gustav V
    Princeton, NJ

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    That is set composition that I have on the irons. All Nippon Modus3 120 stiff shafts. I am very happy with the set. I did not doing anything to lofts. The T-MB requires good contact! A thin shot losses a lot of distance.
  14. Jorge B
    Lake Forest, CA

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    I would check to see if there are any Titleist Thursdays near you. I just went through a Driver fitting in one and I found the gentleman who did that (Jim Pooler) phenomenal.

    It was incredible value as the price for this was absolutely zero and he used Trackman while on a range using the ball I use (ProV1X).

    This way you can go and have someone take a look at your numbers, your misses, swing speed, etc., and make a full on recommendation of what your set makeup should be. It is truly worth it.
  15. Bill B
    Haverhill, FL

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    I to did a mixed set with the AP1 4 iron with the AP 2 in 5-PW worked out very well for me
    but would recomend get fitted so you can see the #s
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    Try the full set T-MB's I got them with the C-Taper lite shaft. Got 6 yds from the 6-PW. I had the 712-U on 4-5 (converted from 3 and 4) so got the same distance on those but higher launch. All of them launch high with low spin. So you get drop and stop on thr greens. No unwanted extra backspin. Good for windy conditions also!

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