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By karl m

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  1. karl m
    averill park, NY

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    The speeder pro T S 84 shaft is a stock fairway wood shaft that is available to demo during a Thursday fitting.

    Are any of the following no upcharge shafts available to demo at a Thursday fitting in a fairway wood length ?

    Speeder Pro T S 74 Speeder Pro T S 64 Speeder Evolution 661 Tour Spec

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    Hi Karl,

    The three additional shafts listed are not carried by our Product Specialists; however, we can send them for your fitting. Please let us know where you're Thursday location is and we'll send them ahead of time.
  3. karl m
    averill park, NY

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    Would these three shafts be available for June 15th ?
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    Hi Karl,

    We can send them out to our Product Specialist for next Thursday. Which location are you attending?
  5. karl m
    averill park, NY

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    The Albany NY location Shaker Ridge C.C.

    Standard 3 wood length stiff flex
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    Hi Karl,

    The shafts will be on site for you this Thursday.

    Enjoy your fitting!
  7. karl m
    averill park, NY

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    Thank You
  8. Dennis H
    Sacramento, CA

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    Is it possible to order a 3 wood length shaft for my 917D2 driver. I currently have the standard senior shaft.

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    Hi Dennis,

    Yes - we can build metal woods up to four inches short.
  10. Dennis H
    Sacramento, CA

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    Thanks for your quick response Chris! My current shaft is the Diamana 50 x5ct Lite. I was fitted by a titlest rep when the 917's first came out and now I have become so inconsistent with it I am thinking about going to a shorter shaft length.
    I had a 913D2 with a brassera 50 lite on my prior Driver. I am regretting "upgrading.

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