AP3 Fitting with Project X (PXi-6.0)

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By Doug F

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  1. Doug F
    St.Petersburg, FL

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    I recently spent an hour hitting the AP3 in a custom fitting while on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC. I very quickly became familiar with a shaft that was never on my radar. After hitting about four different shafts in an AP3 - 7 Iron it was an obvious pick - Project X (PXi 6.0). Hands down - Long, Staight and pretty Consistent. I was wondering if anyone has had positive results with this shaft. My swing speed was in the 78-82 range with a 7 Iron. I really enjoyed hitting the AP3 with this shaft.

  2. Matt B
    Columbus, OH

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    I played that shaft for a little while. It launched the ball higher and was accurate, with nice feel. I did notice distance gains in my long irons However at the time my average was 88 mph with 6 iron. I noticed it can get a little spinny in my opinion, especially in the wind. It's a great shaft for the right player! I'm older now currently playing the original DG AMT S300 shafts, but wouldn't rule it out today.

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