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By JCampbell

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  1. JCampbell
    Claremont, CA

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    Hey Titleist, My name is Jack Campbell. I currently play scratch golf and am in the market for a new set of clubs. I personally like AP2's and want to know what shafts and grips are appropriate for that club. I want to know as much as possible about all of your clubs and different combinations. I hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Dartford, 0

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    Sure the experts on here will be able to advise... I recently got fit for the AP2 718 with X100 shafts... they are unreal... used to play 716 CB and feel the improvements...
  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Go see a Titleist certified fitter. That's what we do for the best results.
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Titleist offers an enormous amount of shafts and flexes because everyone has a different swing. That's why Chuck recommends getting fit. When the shaft is no upcharge, the price for custom is the same as th"stock" irons on display in a store. Be the best you.
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    I am new to the Titleist club myself and am not fortunate enough to have a handicap as good as yours BUT! I went to a Titleist fitter, got the shafts best for my swing, and the grips I liked. The AP2's are simply the best and have improved my game tons. But if I didn't go get fit I personally would have chosen the wrong shafts. And Titleist offers Titleist Thursdays all around the world, its easy to use the site here and see if there's one coming up in your area and or find a Titleist authorized fitter in your area
  6. Chris Hatem

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    I got fit for the ap2 with Project X 6.0 and I use Golf Pride BCT grips logo down. Its an awesome setup
  7. JCampbell
    Claremont, CA

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    Thank You for the Help!!
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    I just went through the reshafting process with my original AP2s and the trackman results were eye opening to say the least. After hitting a couple hundred balls it was very clear there was a huge difference among the KBS tour 130x, Project x LZ 6.5 and Dynamic Gold x100 for me. Spin rates were 1500 rpm apart.

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