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By ben l

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  1. ben l

    ben l
    Cumming, GA

    I just got my new 718 AP2 / AP3 combo set. Had a chance to take them on the battlefield and loved it!!!!!

    My question is with the loft differential when moving from AP2 to AP3 and how big a deal is it when I go from a 34degree 7iron to a 28degree 6iron.

    The gapping on AP2s are 4degrees from club to club but here I have a 6degree difference. Does anyone know generally what the loft to distance ratio is? Thanks in advance!!

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  2. Matt B

    Matt B
    Columbus, OH

    you may want to add loft to your 5-6 iron, according to AP3 specs, you only have 3* degrees between 4-5-6 irons. However it all depends on your carry distance & spin numbers, a 6* gap is like 1.5 clubs?
  3. You might use a simplistic guide of generally 10 yards difference between clubs normally, and with 4 degrees normal separation between clubs that’d be 2.5 yards per degree.
  4. KCGolfGuy

    lees summit, MO

    I would have the ap3s bent 1 degree weak and the ap2s 1 strong would keep all the lofts in check
  5. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I also have a split set of AP2's( 7-W) and AP3's.(4-6) Was recommended by the Titleist fitter to bend the AP2's 2 deg strong, and the AP3's 1 deg weak. Had this done at by Titleist prior to shipping out the clubs, and works well for me.
  6. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    There are theoretical numbers and reality. It's not just the fact that you have a larger gap in loft between your shortest AP3 and longest AP2 irons, but you also have an iron (AP3) with much more forgiveness than the AP2. So in theory, you might be able to expect about 2.5 yards per degree of distance between, say, an AP2 8i and 7i, but with an AP3 7i you should expect more, most of the time due to the added forgiveness and club design in general (Titleist's New "Distance" irons.)

    As a result, right now, until I figure out how to find the best set up, I am playing AP2-716s in PW, 9i, 8i, and 7i, while also playing a AP3 7i, 6i and 5i. I seem to average close to 12 yards more with my AP3 7i than I do with my AP2 7i, yet there is only a 3* loft difference between them. So, I am playing them both right now. We are out-of-season here in MD, so I am carrying 15 clubs for now. I may have to replace my 816H 21* and 915F 5W, with a single 19* 818H hybrid to get back within the rules, come posting season. But, off-season is a good time to test new ideas, so that's what I'm doing. I may even consider playing two 7 irons, bending the AP2 weaker, and removing my 8i from the lineup and bending my 9i 2 degrees strong. I can hit my 9i almost as far as my 8i already, I guess because it's an easier club to hit perfectly every time.

    My attitude is to play what works best for you, not necessarily what a theory says should be best for you. But, that's just me. I'm old school.
  7. ben l

    ben l
    Cumming, GA

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  8. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    Wow. Seems that it can get a little tricky when trying to blend two sets of irons that have differences of 3 - 4 degrees loft in irons that have the same number stamped on the sole. The easiest set to blend is MB and CB. Other than that, there is a strong case not to blend the others.
  9. Kurt V

    Kurt V
    Austin, TX

    I just tried the AP3 irons 2 days ago. I currently play 712 CB’s in the 8-pw and png I200 in the 5-7. I love my scoring clubs (8-pw) After hitting the short irons in the AP3 I was amazed at the feel. I hated the older AP1 714 and 716 (except from fairway bunkers) but love the look and feel of the AP3 irons.
    Looking at the lofts alone, if I order a combo set I will switch over to AP2 or CB at the 9-GW and make the 9 degrees 2 strong, the PW one strong and leave the GW at 50.
    Ap3 8 35
    Ap2 9 40
    AP2 PW 45
    AP2 GW 50

    My cleveland 588 SW is 54 and I play a Vokey 58.09
    I bought 6 588 56 degree SW when they changed the groove rule. Bend them to 54.

    Anyone know a comparable vokey to the Cleveland 588 56. 14 degrees bounce?

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