718 AP2 w/AMT Black

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By Eric S

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  1. Eric S
    Pleasanton, CA

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    I have had several sets of AP2s and have had DGS300 in the 710s and 714s. Got fit for the 718s and (after being pitched the upcharge PX) was told I hit the AMT black just as well and that they were about 10 yards longer than my current 714/s300 setup. Got the set with AMT black and now hit it a bit higher, but seems to be closer to 8-10 yards shorter. Thoughts on whether AMT white would've been better? Anything I can do to adjust (other than playing from the whites!)???

  2. Samuel C
    Phoenix, AZ

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    I'm a bit confused on your post. So you were fitted for the PX shafts, but then told you hit the AMT black as well? Did you try the AMT black when you were getting fit?

    Also, how long have you had the new irons? It could take some getting used to, since the AMT Black shafts are lighter and launch higher than what you were used to (DGS300), so it could take a bit to get used to.

    But if you feel that the shaft isn't a good fit, I would suggest going back to the fitter and explaining what you feel and get fit again. Usually fitters understand and stand behind their work.

    Let us know what you end up doing.

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