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    Hi Titleist team,

    I was recently fitted with a 718 AP1 with SteelFiber i80 shaft, half inch short with a swing weight of C9. If I order this configuration, will Titleist be able to build to the required swing weight? If so, can you do this by just adding tip weights, or do I have to go with a lighter grip in addition to the tip weights?


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    You will have to use a light grip as well to achieve a C9 swingweight. With an Aerotech i80 R/S, 1/2" short, standard grip, standard wraps, the heaviest it would come out would be about C6.
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    Thank you Cathi. Which grip would you recommend that Titleist carries?
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    Hi, You are going to have to find a grip around 40 grams and heavier heads or could use the Titleist Tour Velvet 360 LT which weighs 32.5 grams with lighter heads. It also will depend on what size grip. If these are for a young player, we could possibly use the U600 grips at 40 grams.

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