Graphite Iron Shaft Balance Point

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By Bearded Flatstick

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  1. Bearded Flatstick
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    Between the Aerotech Steelfibers and UST Recoil (non-prototype version) shafts which one has a lower balance point when comparing equal weights (e.g., recoil 110 vs sf110 and recoil 125 vs sf125)? I've been told that the recoils have a lower balance point and the steelfibers have a heavier butt end. Just wondering if anyone knows for sure. I know the recoil prototypes are advertised on UST's website as being a low balance point shaft. I would think the standard recoil would be the same just not as stiff a shaft.

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    I have played both and both are great shafts. Everyone says the steelfibers play much stiffer, but I did not find this to be true. In blind testing, with the same weight and flex, I don't think I could tell much difference. Re. the 95i prototype vs the regular 95i, the ust rep. told me that I would probably not notice much difference. There is a big difference in price.

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