Differently-Weighted Heads on 714 AP1s?

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    Sorry if this question has already been addressed, but I was unable to find an answer when searching these forums.

    Last year, I purchased a set (4-GW) of 714 AP1s with SteelFiber i110cw shafts to address a recent rotator cuff injury. These irons were EXACTLY what my game needed in terms of improved feedback and performance, and much less shoulder pain.

    To fill out the set, I purchased a matching 52-degree GW, but with the stock Kuro Kage shaft instead of a SteelFiber. To my surprise, this wedge swingweighted quite similarly to the 48-degree wedge in my current set (D1.2 vs. D0.5). Given the different weights of the shafts, I expected the swingweights to be quite different.

    I know a little bit about how the balance point in the shaft can affect the swingweight, and I know that the Kuro Kage is a "low balance" shaft (says so right on the shaft :)), so am I safe in assuming that the SteelFiber is a "high balance" shaft, so to speak, and this balance point is more important in affecting swingweight than the gram weight of the cut shaft?

    Or, did Titleist have differently-weighted heads available in the 714 AP1s to achieve certain swingweights?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Titleist has different weighted heads to allow sets to come out with similar swing weights....pretty cool!

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