Nippon modus tour 105 S in wedges

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By Thomas N

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    I have got a sett of the 718 AP2. Great irons. Have Nippon tour 105 S in them and miles better than I had before in a sett if tms. There were suppost to be kbs tour 110 but a lot heavier than the modus shafts I have now. The shafts are great I have been on track man and the spin and launch is up compared to before because I launched the ball so low and very little spin. I currently have sm5s with stock S200 shafts at about 125ish. Would I Benifit in getting sm7s in tour 105 for more spin and launch but would I sacrifice Dispersion and consistency for getting these lighter shafts. I really do have a problems with launch and spin but I hope someone can help me out Thanks Tom

  2. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Find a Titleist Thursday and get fitted for the SM7s. I plan on doing that this spring. But i will share this. I got fitted a few years ago at Manchester Lane and did both the 716 AP1 irons and the SM6. I was fitted for the Nippo shaft (not sure on exact model) and the fitter recommended the Nippo shaft across the board so it is possible. However, I would still go see a fitter just to be sure. Better safe then sorry.

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