Driver lie angle adjustment.

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    I applaud Titleist for not increasing standard shaft length. I have been building, fitting, repairing golf clubs for over 20 years. The percentage of a person being fit with 46 in. driver is rare. I just purchased a new set of 718 CB's. One of the major reasons was that I did not have to bend the irons to fit me. My specs. fit into about 70% of male golfers. I purchased a 917 fairway wood. I had to change shaft settings, upright. Now the shaft is over 1/4 inch longer, and I had increase loft because face angle is closed. Every shaft has an index point at final inspection . When the shaft angle is changed it must be rotated. Changing face progression & balance point. I believe lie angle on woods is too flat. Every head should be made one standard, and the other at 2 degrees up right, as to not affect shaft install position, face progression , and face open or closure. This company has it's focus on the professional, or the lower handicap golfer. Stay that way and offer the correct built club.

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