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By steele b

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  1. steele b
    Redding, CA

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    I've been play the proforce v2 96 gram tipped to between x and xx stiff on a 913 d3 7.5 turned down to 6.75 a1 setting but I hit the ball still very high. I know the new 917 d3 and d2 doesn't have a 7.5 loft. I was think about getting a lighter shaft cause I know I'm losing yardage swinging that shaft. I'm just wondering if anyone know a shaft that will launch lower that is lighter weight. I was fitted for the shaft when I was 17 but I've gained about 10-15 year since then. If anyone has suggestion that would be great thank you.

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    Look into a low launch low spin type shaft. If you go lighter with a mid/mid shaft the ball will still climb. Another option that's free, besides range balls, is moving the ball back a touch so your angle of attack is a tad lower. I had my 910D2 down to 8.75 and still hit too high. Shaft profile didn't match my release.

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