Surefit CG weight system - 917 D2 Driver

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By Joseph P

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    Need some help.......I completely understand the method of adjustment and desired results of the hosel adjustments, so good there. But can someone please explain exactly how to chose the different CG weights for a desired outcome please? I've got the 12 gram neutral weight and understand it's not "effecting " any biasing on the shot - simply will go straight, provided I normally hit it that way. But if I have a tendency to fade or slice the ball, do I want the other 12 gram weight with the "draw" selection inserted so as to counteract my fade. Or do I chose the "fade" end, because that's how I normally hit my ball. The result being an adjustment to help turn it more to a draw.

    Dumb question, but just would like to know the system and can't seem to get any info off the interenet.


  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I'd say the option now lets you do either or both. If you really want to max out the draw or fade, use the combination of the hosel settings and the weight adjustment.
  3. Craig D
    Canton, OH

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    On the Fade/Draw weight, the placement depends on what end is heavier. If you want to promote a draw, the heavier end should be closer to the hosel side of the driver head so that you close the toe faster, and if you want to promote a fade, then the heavier end should be closer to the toe side of the head which has a tendency to hold the face open longer. When you hold the weight in the middle, it is easy to tell which end is heavier b/c it drops. Based on your description of desire to counteract the fade, put the weight in so that the heavier end is nearer the hosel side of the head . To be more specific, the end with the "+" will be closest to where you insert the weight and you will see it through the opening in the end cap.
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    perfect answer Craig - thanks a lot, this helps clarify sir and totally makes sense in terms of closing the face quicker to "help" counter act my fade. This is the way I placed the weight in the club so far. I'm headed to the range now to do some tinkering and I also do know that the weight choice and then the hosel adjustments combined will be the way to dial it. Just wanted to start with the weight first.

    FYI for a strong vote for the 917 D2 (Aldila Rogue Max 65-S) - played Nine yesterday and had a legitimate 290 yard drive with a strong cross wind still knocking it down some. Was using the A-1 standard hosel adjustment with the weight in the heel fade position. It's a fabulous club already but know I can dial it further.

    thanks again!
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    this is perfect Craig, thanks so much! I'd thrown in the weight that way and it felt right but wasn't sure.

    Still have some adjustments to do with the hosel but played 9 on Friday and actually hit a legit 290 yrd driver with a hard sidewind knocking it down some so super happy with the 917. I've normally only gone 265-270 average with my older 910.

    It'll be a great gamer I believe - thanks Titleist for great equipment!
  6. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Not a dumb question and to answer it. The answer is yes, set it at a draw to counteract the slice.
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    Look at the arrows on the weight. First of need the draw/fade weight...not the neutral. To help with the draw, since you fade/ want the weight toward the heel and have the "+" at the end. Hope this helps..
  8. Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

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    I'm going to try to be even simpler and hope I get it correct as my bag/clubs are not where I can currently access them to verify. Note that the 'open' end (to insert the weight) is near the heel for the driver and near the toe for the fairways and hybrids.

    In any event, if you want to create a propensity to draw, insert the weight so that the arrow near the word "DRAW" goes in first. Similarly, if you would like to create a tendency to fade, insert the arrow near the word "FADE" first.

    You can look through the hole in the lock fastener to see either a '+' or '-' to tell if the weight is set up for a draw or fade bias respectively. A solid color means the weight is neutral.

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