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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

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    I have a 915 D3 and I've just got a 915 D2 The D3 has a Diamana s+60 5ct reg shaft and the D2 has a Fujikura e360 fit-on reg shaft both clubs are 9.5 degrees. My question is, is there much difference between the two shafts as I will only be keeping one of the drivers.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    The Diamana is a common stock shaft on the D2. Red has low kick and blue has mid kick point. Hit the driving range and get a feel for which one works best for you. They are interchangeable with whichever head you like best. Ideally, you take the time for a proper fitting like the Titleist Thursday's and match up whichever combo closely matches those results.
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    You can compare them there.
  4. Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

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    I have already been fitted for the D3 Diamana. I will be trying my own comparison of the two. I was just hoping someone had used the Fujikura to see what they thought.

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