National Fitting Centre vs Advance Fitting Partner

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By ASanderson

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  1. Greetings golf fans! I'm currently playing TM M2 irons and am contemplating a swtich to AP2s.I have hit a few balls in local box stores and while trackman data was limited Distance was definitely up but more importantly feel of club was a lot better. My question is does an advance fitting partner carry a decent range of shaft/head options? I have been for fittings before (not titleist) where the shaft options are basically regular or stiff and I'm always left wondering if this is the best shaft for my swing etc. I know the national fitting centre will obviously carry everything but I have a couple of advanced fitting partners a lot closer if they are likely to carry a decent range. Anyone had an experience of an advanced fitting partner vs national fitting centre? Any opinions welcomed.Thanks

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    You can do the free Titleist Thursday's and get a large selection of options. They set up a tent with multiple clubs. All the current model of heads (AP1, AP2, AP3, T-MB, MB, CB) and a very large selection of steel and graphite shafts in all flexes. The TrackMan will narrow down the options pretty quickly so you don't have to hit a ton of combinations before you get pretty close to what you need.
  3. What is an advanced fitting partner?
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    AFC - Local pro shops that specialize in Titleist fittings and carry an extensive number of trial shafts. Much more extensive than the usual carts but not as exotic as the Tour Fitting locations (Oceanside/Manchester). The cost of the fitting is negotiated with the AFC - it will vary on the extent of which you purchase the equipment. Titleist Thursdays are similar but are run/supervised by Titleist representatives. The fitting is free. As a courtesy, consider ordering the fitting specs from the course sponsoring the event. Since the AFC is run by the club's staff, they can be available at other times and can service you long after the sale. Al this is better than picking the R or S set from a store's rack merchandise.

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