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By Mark S

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  1. Mark S

    Mark S

    Can anybody tell me the difference in charactoristics between iron shafts dynamic gold r300 regular and the kbs tour v 90 in stiff? I have the ap2s 714 with the DG r300s in but they are a little weak for me. Iv had a quick fitting with 2 pros that have fitted i think a miz gadget that attaches to my shafts. Both times it came up that I should be using the kbs tour v 90g in stiff but is their a big difference between the 2 different shafts and my reg r300 shaft to a stiff in the kbs? Thanks.

  2. PrecisionMobileGolf

    Nashville, TN

    35 grams of shaft weight, high launch vs mid/low launch, higher spin vs lower spin. They are almost as diametrically opposed as you can get from steel shafts.

    Now, the only way to know how they will perform for you is to have you hit them on a launch monitor and see what the numbers tell us.

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