Titleist 917D2 surefit setting for shorter(44.5) shaft

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By Eric O

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  1. Hi, I understand for standard 45 shaft, A1 is the default setting for 58.5 lie angle and default loft(mine is 9.5).

    If my order is 44.5 shaft, what's the surefit setting for the same lie angle (58.5) and 9.5 loft ?

    I just want to zero-in my starting point for fitting.


  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    It's still A1 no matter how short as long as you retain the same angle. Example, A1 on a 45 inch driver can be lofted or delofted based on how high or low you hold your hands from the ground. Some tall people might hold their hands high, others hold it low. If you choke down on the grip while lowering your hand, you haven't changed the loft or lie. Make sense? Wow, now i'm going to have to go drink a beer and relax. too much thinking on a Friday afternoon.
  3. Hi Dale, thanks for hard thinking before happy hour!
    I was thinking for shorter shaft, if you adjust your posture to fit the club, you may get same lie angle.
    My original idea is if you get closer to the ball, without changing your set up and posture, you get closer to the ball, so it looks like you need to be more upright(same idea as irons).

    Any more comments?
  4. PrecisionMobileGolf

    Nashville, TN

    For every 1/2 inch shorter, the lie angle will effectively play 1° flatter. The opposite for 1/2 inch longer.

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